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Tsitsipas passed Thiem to raise his first ATP Finals title

Welcome to Sportstar's live coverage of men's singles lastly from ATP Tour Final match between Stefanos Tsitsipas and Dominic Thiem. This is Shivansh Gupta who accompanied you throughout the game.

Final results: Stefanos Tsitsipas bt Dominic Thiem (6) 6-7, 6-2, 7-6 (4)

You can read match report here.

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Thank you for joining us until late at night. I hope, regardless of who you support tonight, the tennis brand that we just watched will help you get rid of your Monday blues.

Wow, what kind of tennis exhibition. The 2019 ATP tour was signed in a very pleasant and safe way to say, it was the most appropriate for a great season.

Stefanos Tsitsipas defeated Dominic (6) 6-7, 6-2. 7-6 (4) in 2 hours and 35 minutes.

What a thrilling conclusion to a marathon clash.


6-4: Two championship points for Tsitsipas. They give everything, but press the forehand to the goal.


5-4: This time, it's long and the momentum is back with Stef. He has two services on hand.

4-4: HE LEVELS BACK! A truly legendary backhand. Stef thinks it's long, before realizing it's not. The return goes to goal.

4-3: They are with two mini-breaks and him already back in it! The commentators have said that. Nobody has the right to lose this match. Attack the net after a very large forehand and overhead blow to win points.

People can't watch at the O2 Arena, covering their faces. I do not blame them. I'm having goosebumps here.

4-2: If you think They run out of gas, think carefully again! He nailed the backhand of the line and forced Greece to return the ball in his own palace.

4-1: Tsitsipas is in total control. The second mini-break and he has two services on hand. Tired of seeing the backhand on the jump from Thiem smash to the goal.

3-1: Stefi's mini-break sent Thiem a wide back-court. The crowd still shouted "Tsitsipas, Tsitsipas"!

2-1: Tsitsipas and Thiem dig deep into their reserves. He still has the energy to attack and finish points with smashes. The crowd shouted "Tsitsipas, Tsitsipas"!

1-1: Too pressing from Thiem as he whipped an old forehand

0-1: They won the first point when Stef hit back.


6-6: TSITSIPAS NEEDS TO MAKE TIE-BREAK IN DECIDING SET! What a grit and brave tennis display from Greece. After two winners passed Thiem at the baseline, he forced a mistake from Austria, which spurred his return to goal. At 40-15, Thiem found enough space with a large cross-field forehand, which landed right inside the line and Stef failed to reach there on time. They hit an old payback and we are now at the top after 54 minutes.

At that time, the equation was simple. If Tsitsipas survives, we head to the tie-breaker who decides. If not, they lift the trophy.

5-6: THEY'RE JUST ONE GAME AWAY! Oooh! Pressure and tension are so high in O2 now, almost palpable. Double mistake from Thiem. But he corrects his mistakes with a brilliant clean game at the next point or makes it 30-15. Send Stef wide with a strong forehand and then approach the net. Stef anticipates the direction of the first volley correctly, but has no answer for the overhead blow from Thiem. Win the next point, Stef, to make it 15-40. But Thiem made it better by presenting a seventh ace to close the match and keep one game away from the title.

5-5: HOLD FAST! By the time I finished writing about Thiem's ​​grip, Stefanos decided to finish his grip. Great tennis!

4-5: GREAT RESISTANCE FROM THEM! Wow, that's another rocket from the Austrian racket. 92 mph winner on the phone. The ball swings in the air like a cricket ball that swings out. What a backhand there! Make it 40-15 with a double mistake. Seeing the referee as shocking as being ridiculed by the crowd! Close the game in an extraordinary way. Is Fan Zhendong, the world's no.1 TT player? No, it is the highest ranked Austrian. Puzzled for a moment there the way he crouched in the net and put a remarkable spin on the forehand winner. The right amount of weight on it.

4-4: TSITSIPAS HOLDS! This is an important service game for Tsitsipas and he has to win to stay in the hunt and he does that. Climbed 40-15 when He forced Thiem to hit his back on a line that was only slightly from the side line. 40-30 when he puts too much force on the forehand cross-court drive and hits it out of bounds. Beautiful rally there. Stand on the ground, hold authority and then get a winner with a large forehand.

3-4: THEY, YOU BE BEAUTIFUL! He fired at all cylinders, is Thiem! Hand back one hand in a line has so much poison in it that Tsitsipas can't even move. Once again, he found a sudden explosion of energy out of nowhere. They hold on to love for a break because Stef fails to keep the evil backhands from Thiem at the limit.

3-3: CONTENTS BREAK AND WE LEVEL!Tsitsipas bottles a forehand volley easily on the net by hitting it far from the baseline and giving Thiem a small advantage for Thiem. They made it 15-40 and had two chances to break it after Tsitsipas on goal met an absolute peach from the backhand directed at him. He failed to keep the volley in. They missed the old rules. Losing concentration there for sure. He does have another chance. Not this time, said Thiem. Stef whips the backhand cross-field from the baseline to the side and matches to Thiem.

3-2: HARD TO HOLD FOR THEM!They made it 15-0 with the winner on the line. He made it 30-0 with an attacking game. Send Stef away to his back and then charge to the net for a volley. Place it on the opposite end, making Stef run. Finally, the Greek lob fell a long time ago. Make it 40-0 with an ace. 40-15 when the return of Tsitsipas was hit back by Thiem. 40-30 for them. Damn there. Forehand drive in the middle of the field clips the net and falls right in the zone for Stef. Who took the time to drill the winners with a forehand, sending them the wrong way. End with the ace.

3-1: TSITSIPAS MUST LOVE! He is now double break. Impressive service game from Greece.

2-1: BREAK TSITSIPAS! Three break-points for Greece. 2/8 converted as Thiem saves the first. He saved number 9. They are with tennis guts. An impressive decision to fill the net under such pressure and take a beautiful volley. Tsitsipas lost his footing at the base line. Could it be cramps? TSITSIPAS CONVERTS TENTS AS RETURNING TO THE RETURN OF THE LINE FROM THEY SMASH INTO THE NETWORK.

We are ready for an interesting final result. I suggest you take your coffee. I have mine next to me.

1-1: Hold love from Tsitsipas.

0-1: The first point from the set goes to Tsitsipas as Thiem's ​​court backhand falls wide. He followed it with a smash after striking the net with beautiful slices of forehand to force a loose return from Stef. Make 30-15 with an ace. Loose returns to the baseline of Thiem. The ball fell right next to his foot at the baseline and Thiem was completely misinterpreted and the ball flew out. WHAT A RALLY! A fierce exchange of ground strokes forms the baseline of the two players before Stef enters the net with a sublime volley on the goal. They keep break point no. 5 matches with the big forehand winner on the phone. So, very good from Tsitsipas! Forcing them to hit backhands in a row, eventually losing points. Break point no. 8 for Tsitsipas. They survive. Run around to cover the backhand to the forehand and press the good forehand on the line. Stef's return fell wide. Benefits for those with exceptional service at T. WHAT'S BAILOUT AND THE REACT TO SAY IT ALL! A hand pump and a kid, isn't he happy.

They serve first. Determinant, here we come!

Stefanos Tsitsipas has responded with a resolute style to pull back the level and force the match to be decisive. He only needed 28 minutes to do it.


Tsitsipas served for the second set.

5-2: THIEM HOLDS! What a volley from them! He ran to Stefan's backhand slice and dug low to volley behind, which somehow managed to chip it back. But They stood there, waiting for an easy solution. 30-0. They place the backhand court cross just wide from the left side line. Make it 40-15 with an ace. He holds it by turning off service to T.

5-1: ONLY ONE GAME AWAY FROM THE SET! Thiem's ​​return fell to goal when Tsitsipas rose 30-0. Make 40-0 with the ace passing Thiem's ​​backhand. Stef holds on.


4-1: THEY DIE, SIGNS FINALLY! They played the clutches of love to get on board in the second service. Powerful service game!

4-0: TSITSIPAS UP DOUBLE BREAK NOW! A brilliant second serve, which bounced high and spiraled towards Thiem fiercely, when Tsitsipas made it 30-0. Hold love for a double break.

How about that for a response from Tsitsipas! What is the way to return to the match. They let the intensity down and when Stef is outside you, you cannot leave the door open.

3-0: STEF BREAK AGAIN! Loose from them! At 15-15, played a flat kick and Stef had enough time to put the ball behind Thiem at the baseline. They are always the second best there because he can't return the ball over the net. TWO MORE POINTS BREAK FOR STEF! Two volley in the net before parrying another bait attempt with the volley stopping. He finished it with a beautiful round top forehand winner on the phone. The ball bounces on the line and passes Thiem.

2-0: UP BREAK, THE GREEK GOES! Stefanos starts with an ace. Then the winner of the cross-court forehand outside the inside and again, sending them the wrong way. Fast hands there. Make it 40-0 when Thiem returns the ball to goal. Stef holds to rest.

1-0: TSITSIPAS BREAK THIEM! Tsitsipas with a beautiful winner with a court backhand as he sent them the wrong way. Get off 0-30 and then 0-40 Three break points for Stef. Can't mess it up from here, isn't it the Greeks? They keep break point no. 4 when he attacks the net, forcing Stef to lob. Lob falls wide. 15-40. He could not hold the other one because the lazy looking forehand fell wide. Fine! What a twist in that story!

They serve first and have a real chance to increase further pressure on Greece by serving.

The second set, here it is!

Hard tennis! In the end, it all boils down to who can hold service better and Thiem does it. After saving three breaks and wasting two of his own, he finally dropped Tsitsipas in the first set after 65 minutes.

6-8: AFTER 65 MINUTES, THEY WIN THE FIRST SET. Brilliant service at T and Tsitsipas didn't have a chance there.

6-7: SET POINT ON SERVE FOR THEM! Wild, wild back from Stef. Take the whip really hard and hit it out.

6-6: STEF SAVES UNDER PRESSURE BELOW! 5th point in goal from seven attempts. Attack Thiem, push him in and then after two shots, force lob from Thiem. Stef then completes his points with a smash.

5-6: They are with aces and Tsitsipas to serve to save the set.

5-5: Stef returns level! On the forehand jump on the phone. The line judge called him, their review and lost it.

4-5: BIG, CRUCIAL POINT OF TSITSIPAS! What is the point of service.

3-5: Mini-break for Stefanos when Thiem returns to goal.

2-5: This time, Stefanos' return from the forehand widened. Stef takes the reviews that he knows will disappear.

2-4: Back down the back line from Stef fly out of bounds.

2-3: Thiem's ​​return slammed into the net.

1-3: Stefanos won the backhand court pitch-perfect court, who found the perfect angle.

0-3: THEY PLAY WITH REAL AUTHORITY! Play as Tsitsipas wants. Overhead crashing into the net.

0-2: Make it two-zero with a ferocious outside forehand, that Stef can barely get in contact.

0-1: The first point to Thiem. Mini-break.


6-6: THEY'RE ENTERING THE TIE-BREAKER! from 0-30 to 30-30, the Austrian level is under great pressure. Where did the power suddenly come from? Very good at serving and then a strong forehand to pocket the winner. This is not the first match, but Thiem plays it like that. Stef scored 40-40 after Thiem showed a pass from the baseline. The advantage for Thiem is because Stefanos returns the ball to the goal. A beautiful backhand volley on the net from Thiem to force a tie-breaker.

6-5: STEFANOS HOLDS! How mundane past Tsitipas! See what I did there? Stef approaches the internet again and Thiem has to stretch low and wide on the forehand to get contact at the baseline. But he does more than that when he passes a perfect inch to the 15-15 line. 30-30 after Tsitsipas hit a long return. 40-30 for Stef after returning from the baseline by Thiem is too strong. Complete the backing with an extraordinary dish, that the tripped Thiem cannot cross the net.


Both players conceded the fewest break points in the tournament and this match was proof of their toughness. We have seen five rescues, three from Thiem and two from Tsitsipas. We are getting closer to the tie-breaker.

5-4: THE GREEK HOLDS! Tsitsipas misjudged the speed of the ball, slow on returning the backhand of the ball which only bounced within limits. Kick that makes it 15-15. Brave tennis! Excellent second serve and then attack with a luxurious backhand volley on the net. 30-15 when Thiem thwarted an old return. Another mistake in the exact same way from Thiem. They tried to throw the ball past Stef, who did the backtracks comfortably and put the game to rest with an overhead that looked easy to destroy the line, sending Thiem the wrong way,

4-4: THEY SAVE! They make it 15-15 with the ace down T. What a winner! Ball flying from the racket. He stood transfixed for service and won points with an excellent forehand, leaving Thiem just a spectator. Two break points for Tsitsipas, as Thiem swung the forehand over the winning line into the goal. He was angry with himself. Will he be safe? He saved the first with an ace. He saves third break point with a giant volley. Tsitipas got a good connection on a cross-court forehand cross, but Thiem made himself big, grabbed and finished with a great volley. He headed for profit after Stef returned to the internet. Stef, this time, loved it and Thiem survived.

4-3: HARD TO HOLD FOR TSITSIPAS! Stefanos whips the forehand back, only for the ball to catch the top of the racket and fly into the stands. Fascinated by a man in the crowd. Then hit the cracked forehand that falls wide. They have a chance to rest. Serve and volley came to save Tsitsipas when he saved the first break point. Tsitsipas saves a second break point with a combination of service and other volleyball. Moving forward becomes an advantage by cracking down on forehand winners. He holds.

3-3: They hold! They are with an ace to start. Stefanos makes it 15-15 with another attacking move. Drive a strong forehand and push them further back. Then the advanced fees for other easy winners. 15-30 for Stefanos after Thiem takes a cross-court forehand far from the left-hand side line. Long backhand exchange at baseline. Massive tennis there and the point is Thiem when Ste hit back. A brilliant backhand volley from Thiem on the net. After pushing Stef wide, forcing him to regain his backhand, he slid into volley for a great winner. Finsihes continues with great service.

3-2: STEF HOLDS! It was truly a rally and Stef ended at the top. He defeated Thiem, who didn't even move in the slightest and let the winner pass. The ball is right in the middle of the field. Tsitsipas made it 30-0 with service and other clean games. Vicious serve to send your opponent wide then charge to the internet. 40-15 after both players hit their returns a long time ago. Hold with the forehand in the first row from the middle of the field.

2-2: They survive! They hit long back to give Stef the first point. He made a mistake himself, this time on the internet. That is the rule for long-flying volleyball. Make it 15-30 with strong service in the middle service line that Stef has failed to maintain. Make it 30-30. An early chance for Stefanos. The first match after Thiem hit his return shortly after being pushed inside for his forehand at the baseline. They keep break point no.1. They ordered a rally as he continued to push Stef back before filling the goal with the forehand winner. He is headed for his profit with an ace. They hold as Stefanos service returns the ram to the net.

They have to do very well in service to take part in Tsitsipas' strong service game.

2-1: Tsitsipas survives! Stefanos stormed the net after deep and deep service to Thiem's ​​right. The latter tries a forehand cross, but the ball releases the net and falls wide. Tsitsipas made the score 30-0 with a forehand cross-court superior to the baseline. Making it 40-0 with ace down T. Thiem making it 15-40 with a brilliant backhand over the winning line past Stef's forehand. 40-30 after Stef has the opportunity to close the game after pushing them wide. He had open space, but because of his loose leg position, he finally hit the forehand from the inside until it widened. Stefanos survived when Thiem returned it a long time ago.

1-1: HOLD LOVE FOR THEM GOOD! Thiem's ​​second serve and after a brief rally, Stefanos really missed the baseline. They followed him with quick service to Stef's backhand, who could only return it wide. They made it 40-0 due to Stefanos returning in the second serve very long and wide. Close the game by holding love.

1-0: HOLD-HOLD TO START WITH FOR TSITSIPAS! His first service was returned wide by Thiem. Stefanos made it 30-0 with serve pushing Thiem wide and heading for the winner forehand cross-court. 40-0 with an ace. Close the game with another ace.

TOSS: Tsitsipas will serve first.

Next, Dominic Thiem walked to Center Court.

First, Stefanos Tsitsipas made his way to the center. If 21-year-old Tsitsipas wins the title, he will be the youngest champion in the season finals since 20-year-old Lleyton Hewitt in 2001.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are a few moments from the beginning of the peak clash.


Dominic Thiem fought past Alexander Zverev in the second semifinal to become the first Austrian to reach the final round of the ATP World Tour. He took an hour and 34 minutes to drop Zverev 7-5, 6-3 at the O2 Arena in London on Saturday.

The fifth seed will face first-time fellow finalist Stefanos Tsitsipas, who beat world number three Roger Federer 6-3 6-4 in the opening semifinal.

Thiem and Tsitsipas took a different route to the summit. Greece defeated the Swiss Maestro by controlling a long rally, not letting its opponents play with its strength. He had done his homework and knew that to defeat Federer, he had to prevent him from playing his patented service and volleyball game, and to keep the demonstration as long as possible.

With 63 percent first service and 64 percent and a 60 percent victory in his first and second service, Tsitsipas won nine of his service games. He has maintained 12 break points during his win against 38-year-old Federer at the 2019 Australian Open and almost repeated that achievement, saving 11 points in the semifinals.

Tsitsipas also troubled World No.1 Rafael Nadal before going down in three sets of thrillers in the group stage.

On the other hand, World no.5 Thiem looked very clever in his last four matches. Although he only had 59 percent of the first serve and won the second service, the 26-year-old took advantage of Zverev's weak abilities to convert half the chance. However, Thiem enjoyed 81 percent points on his first serve and also saved four break points.

The Austrian played a solid game from the baseline and exploited the weakness of seventh seeded German seed in goal, making him often advance.

Dream debut for Tsitsipas

With victory over the six-time champion, Tsitsipas became the youngest finalist at the year-end Juan Martin Del Potro tournament in 2009.

The 21-year-old lifted the Next Gen ATP Final Trophy last year and has followed it up by reaching the final of the ATP World Tour on his debut.

Greece ranks only the third highest player after Grigor Dimitrov, winner in 2017, and David Goffin, runner-up in 2017, to qualify for the finals in his first appearance at the end of the season.

On Sunday, Tsitsipas will play in the ninth ATP final and eyeing his fourth career title, and the third in 2019. Greece finished runner-up in three tournaments this year and did not want the count to rise in what will happen to its biggest final.

After defeating Daniil Medvedev and Alexander Zverev in the round-robin round and battling past Federer in the semifinals, he headed into the title fight with a 3-1 victory record. His solitary loss occurred on Friday against Rafael Nadal, who ended the year as World No.1 for the fifth time.

Interestingly, Tsitsipas was one of eight players who advanced from round-robin action at the first attempt.

Tsitsipas Road to the finals

Match 1: Defeat fourth seed Daniil Medvedev 7-6 (5), 6-4

Match 2: Beat seventh seed Alexander Zverev 6-3, 6-2

Match 3: Defeated first seed Rafael Nadal 7-6 (4), 4-6, 5-7

Semifinals: Defeat Roger Federer 6-3, 6-4

Lucky for the fourth time to Dominic Thiem?

The highest ranked Austrian has had an impressive 2019. Among his 16 ATP titles, five have come this year and he finished second only once (to Nadal at Roland Garros). The Austrian rider failed to pass the round-robin round in his last three appearances.

After amazing results against Federer in the first round and Novak Djokovic in the second round, he faced Matteo Berrettini, who became the first Italian to win in this tournament.

Although the Austrian ATP Cup captain may not be able to emulate their appearance in the semifinals where he looks flat, he will certainly give his best to fight Greece.

Their way to the finals

Match 1: Defeat Roger Federer 7-5, 7-5

Match 2: Beat Novak Djokovic (5) 6-7, 6-3, 7-5 (5)

Match 3: Defeat from Matteo Berrettini (3) 6-7, 3-6

Semifinal: Defeat Alexander Zverev 7-5, 6-3


Dominic Thiem leads Stefanos Tsitsipas 4-2 on their head-to-head count.

Meeting 1:

The first meeting between Greek and Austrian Tsitsipas Thiem was in the quarterfinals of the Qatar Open 2018, where Thiem won 7-5.6-4 in two straight sets.

Meeting 2:

Thiem world number 5 now makes it 2-0 in a matter of meetings by winning a round of 64 matches 6-2, 3-6, 6-3 at the 2018 Indian Wells Open

Meeting 3:

The first two matches are played on outdoor hard courts. In 2018, on the open clay at the Barcelona Open, Tsistipas won her first win against fifth seed Thiem in the quarter-finals 6-3.6-2.

Meeting 4:

The highest-ranking Austrian hit back on clay at the 2018 French Open when he defeated world number 6 Tsitsipas 6-2, 2-6, 6-4, 6-4.

Meeting 5:

Tsitsipas got better than Thiem 6-3, 7-6 (6) in round 32 in the 2018 Rogers Cup

Meeting 6:

Their latest meeting is in 2019 China Open in October, where Thiem advanced 4-2 by beating the sixth seed, Tsitsipas 3-6, 6-4, 6-1 in the final.

This will be the first time the two players meet on an indoor hard court.

Interesting facts, ATP politeness:

  • When Dominic Thiem appeared for the first time at the championship at the end of 2016, Stefanos Tsitsipas who was then 18 years old was his partner who struck.

Love it? Here is another one.

  • This is the second time since 1996 that the championship match in the ATP Final will feature two players with one-handed backhand. In 1996, Pete Sampras defeated Boris Becker, and in 2006, Roger Federer defeated James Blake.

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