Tuesday , January 26 2021

This is a day to celebrate democracy: TM Krishna after a music concert in Delhi | Delhi News

Carnatic T M Krishna musicians performed at the Garden of Five Senses at the Awak ki Awaz concert in Delhi on Saturday. In addition to the connoisseurs who appeared to listen to him, the audience included curious students, liberal solidarity and AAP members, and a large media contingent.

The conversation between the audience before the concert began was all about politics that preceded the concert. Krishna's performances have been postponed by AAI, following allegations of counter-attacks from right-wing trolls. Krishna is known to speak out against hate politics, communalism and caste.

"At this concert, the energy and dynamics really changed. I look forward to being with people who believe in the spirit of democracy in this country, "Krishna told TOI before the show. "To allow all points of view to be in a state of flux is what enables democracy and this is the day to celebrate it," he said.

Krishna said he was worried about the anger in the country, which seemed to overflow into violence easily. "The ease that causes us to vomit hatred makes me worry about whether we normalize hate expressions. If it becomes equal for the course, then something changes about our country. I hope I'm wrong, "he said. "We must admit that many of these things have been heating up for a long time. But there is no question that in the last three or four years, this has been aggravated and made worse. "

Sisodia said Saturday's concert was part of the Delhi government's commitment to holistic education and considered art and culture to be intrinsic to education. Kejriwal told the audience that their presence was a statement that this country was for everyone. "There is no country on earth where there is so much diversity. We must maintain this diversity, that is our strength. "

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