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The 250th historic session of Rajya Sabha begins today Indian News

NEW DELHI: With the 250th session of Rajya Sabha starting on Monday, Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu released a publication on Sunday detailing the trip of the upper house since its first meeting in May 1952.
The first attempt of the Rajya Sabha secretariat to measure and analyze the legislative work carried out by the DPR since its formation showed that it passed 3,817 bills until the end of the 249th session, where 60 bills were due due to the dissolution of Lok Sabha at various points in time. While 63 bills were considered to have been authorized by the upper house, two bills cleared by him were still not taken at Lok Sabha. A total of 3,818 Parliamentary Laws have been enacted since the first general election in 1952.

The 118-page publication with 29 chapters, which will serve as a prepared counter to the history of Rajya Sabha and its role in shaping social change, economic transformation, industrial development, health, education, agriculture, environment and national security, also documents the Legislation and House legal processes House
To celebrate the 250th session of Rajya Sabha, the Council will hold a discussion on the 'Role of Rajya Sabha in India Polity: Need for Reform' in the second round on Monday. Commemorative volumes on the evolution of Rajya Sabha, Rs 250 silver coins and Rs 5 postal stamps will also be released.

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