Tuesday , July 27 2021

Story of the rape of Haryana CM Khattar: Congress, AAP attacks BJP

Two days after Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar invited controversy by saying that in 80-90% of rape and cases tempting defendants and victims to know each other, opposition parties on Sunday condemned the BJP saying that it was & # 39 ; the anti-woman mindset of the party and the Chair of the Minister have been exposed.

Regreting the statement made by the Head of Haryana Minister, senior congressional leader Randeep Singh Surjewla and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Haryana called Naveen Jaihind to Twitter to take excavations at Mr. Khattar and BJP.

Asking Pak Khattar to apologize for his remarks, Mr Surjewala said in a tweet, "Misogini is the key word for BJP. The BJP leadership and the process of the Talibani thought & # 39; Haryana CM Khattarji was exposed again by his disparaging comments. Are 80% of rape cases wrong? If boys and girls meet, does that lead to rape as Khattarji said? Apologize to Indian daughters. "

"The anti-woman mindset of the Khattar government was revealed! Haryana CM Khattarji made a very condemning statement – "Most girls who interact with boys, are raped, 80% of rapes occur with agreement" Blaming women for their complete failure to control rape and gangrapes? Pathetic! "Mr. Surjewala said in another tweet.

Khattar explained

However, Mr. Khattar denied that he had ever made a statement that & # 39; & # 39; rape occurs because of consent & # 39 ;. "I have never said" approval ", what I am saying is between known & # 39; and this is not something I say, this has come out of investigation. It must be handled at the social level, and there is no politics to do, "he said on Sunday, speaking to reporters.

At a function in Kalka on Saturday, Mr Khattar said, "… the incidence of rape has not increased, rape has occurred in the past and even today, concerns have increased. The biggest concern is that in these rape and eve-tempting incidents, 80% to 90% occur among those who know each other … for a long time they roam together, one day there was an argument and the FIR lodged that he had raped me. "

& # 39; CM must apologize & # 39;

Condemn Mr. Khattar, the AAP host from Haryana, Naveen Jaihind said that the BJP's anti-women's mindset had been revealed again. "Mr. Khattar must apologize to women," he added.

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