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SRH vs DC Live Score: Dangerous Wriddhiman Saha departs, Hyderabad Sunrisers eyeing big totals | Cricket News

Rabada will throw the last one
End of OVER 19: 12 runs from Nortje’s left. SRH 212/2
OVER 18.3: FOUR! Manish Pandey had a thick lead and the ball raced into third-person territory. Iyer was disappointed.
Nortje started the fourth and last.
End of OVER 18: Congratulations from Stoinis. Only 6 ran away from him. SRH 202/2
OVERS 17.3: 200 arrives for SRH. The Organge army was dominant tonight.
Stoinists started the second.
End of OVER 17: 15 escaped from Deshpande. SRH 196/2
EXTENSIVE 16.6: SIX! Pandey finished Deshpande with six. Pandey smokes this over the center fence of the goal.
OVER 16.5: FOUR! Manish Pandey sends Deshpande towards the center goal.
OVER 16.3: FOUR! Drive straight from Pandey. That’s beautiful.
Both openers scored 50 plus with a strike rate of 190 plus at IPL:
Chris Gayle & Virat Kohli vs KXIP, 2016
Chris Lynn & Sunil Narine vs RCB, 2017
David Warner & Wriddhiman Saha vs DC, TODAY
Deshpande started his third match.
End of OVER 16: Happy ending to DC. 6 Axar run ends. SRH 181/2
Axar Patel started the fourth and final match
End of MORE 15: 10 runs from Nortje’s left. SRH 175/2
EXTENSIVE 14.6: FOUR! Stand up and send from Pandey. It straightened up, took its length and launched it straight at the ground as a boundary.
Kane Williamson came to the fold
OVERS 14.3: WICKET! Anrich Nortje ended Wriddhiman Saha’s dangerous stay. Saha tries to go back upstairs but fails to connect. Iyer caught on easily. DC can rest now. SRH 170/2
OVER 14.2: FOUR! Overpitched from Nortje. Saha did not spare him and sent him halfway.
Nortje begins the ending of the three.
END OVER 14: 9 Stoinis run ends. SRH 165/1
OVER 13.6: FOUR! Short for Stoinis. Saha steps up and cuts the ball towards the third person to make the line. A clever shot from Saha. He’s moved to 83 now.
Marcus Stoinis came on the attack
End MORE THAN 13:14 the run from Rabada ends. SRH 156/1
EXTENSIVE 12.6: SIX! Saha sent Rabada over the center of the goal. Saha is on fire. He can’t be stopped.
Rabada begins the ending of the three.
66 David Warner is the highest score by a player on his birthday in the IPL. (Previously: 54, Michael Hussey, CSK v KKR, Chennai, 2012).
End of OVER 12: 15 Axar run ends. SRH 142/1
OVER 11.5: FOUR! Oh Saha! What a shot from him. He walked on the hind legs and cut it cleverly towards the back footed point.
SPACE 11.2: SIX! Saha moved on to 61 with a superb shot over the deep center fence. A perfect sweep of hard work from the goalkeeper bat.
Axar Patel starts his third match.
End of OVER 11: 14 escapes from Deshpande. SRH 127/1
OVER 10.3: FOUR! Saha is singing tonight. He hit the back-to-back line from Deshpande.
OVERS 10.2: FIFTY! Wriddhiman Saha displays 27 loose balls in his half century. He raised his wand and celebrated fifty in style.
Tusar Deshpande started his second game.
End OVER 10:11 running away from Ashwin. SRH 113/1
Manish Pandey comes to the fold
OVERS 9.4: WICKET! R Ashwin ended David Warner’s stay with 66 runs. Ashwin got a breakthrough. Warner has done the job for SRH by giving his team a solid start. Brilliant chapter on his birthday. The axar catches up easily with extra protection.
Highest PP score for SRH in IPL:
79/0 vs KKR Hyderabad 2017
77/0 vs KXIP Hyderabad 2019
77/0 vs DC Dubai 2020 *
Highest strike rate in first 6 overs in IPL (Min. 400 balls):
155.11 – Jos Buttler
145.62 – Chris Lynn
144.16 – Virender Sehwag
137.95 – David Warner
A 100-run partnership appears between Warner and Saha.
Tushar Deshpande attacks
End of OVER 8: 11 Ashwin’s run ends. SRH 95/0
OVER 7.2: FOUR! Saha hit Ashwin’s head directly. Ashwin was not happy about this. Both Warner and Saha are ready.
Ashwin started the second.
Sunrisers Hyderabad has registered the best powerplay score of the season
End of OVER 7: 7 Axar run ends. SRH 84/0
OVERS 6.3: FOUR! Saha swept this toward the square feet.
Axar started the second.
End of OVER 6:22 the run from Rabada ends. SRH 77/0
OVERS 5.4: SIX! Warner celebrated his birthday in style. Left-handed legs pluck the length and suck it over the corner of the cow.
OVER 5.2: FOUR! Another one by Warner. This time he attacked Rabada for extra deep protection. Good stuff from him.
OVER 5.1: FOUR! Warner stays behind and slaps the ball forward.
Rabada started the second.
End of OVER 5: 9 Axar run ends. SRH 55/0
OVERS 4.5: FOUR! Excellent use of legs by Warner. He slaps the ball for deep extra protection.
OVERS 4.4: 50 appears for DC. Warner 27 *, Saha 22 *
Another bowling change for DC. Axar Patel comes to attack. Can he break this opening stand?
End OVER 4:13 running from Nortje’s over. SRH 46/0
OVER 3.4: FOUR! Warner’s in high spirits tonight. Children’s birthdays hit Nortje for back-to-back limits. SRH 43/0
Nortje started the second.
End of OVER 3:13 Run ends Ashwin. SRH 33/0
OVER 2.6: FOUR! Saha ends with a boundary towards square feet backwards. Solid start by Warner and Saha.
OVER 2.3: SIX! Incredible from Warner. Warner picked the length and crushed Ashwin with deep square feet. SRH 26/0
Ashwin comes to attack
End of OVER 2: 15 Rabada run over. SRH 20/0
OVERS 1.3: FOUR! Saha plays this superbly towards the deep mid wicket.
OVERS 1.2: FOUR! Rabada to Saha. The hitter gets the inside and the ball races towards the fine hedges.
Kagiso Rabada distributes the ball from the other end.
End of OVER 1: 5 run from Nortje’s left. SRH 5/0
MORE THAN 0.5: FOUR! Saha veered off towards the far back of the square feet.
Anrich Nortje will open the attack for DC. Let’s begin!!!
David Warner and Wriddhiman Saha are in the fold. Saha opens the inning with Warner today.
Hyderabad Sunrisers:
David Warner (captain), Kane Williamson, Manish Pandey, Vijay Shankar, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Jason Holder, Shahbaz Nadeem, Abdul Samad, Rashid Khan, Sandeep Sharma, T Natarajan
Capital of Delhi:
Ajinkya Rahane, Shikhar Dhawan, Shreyas Iyer (captain), Rishabh Pant (wk), Shimron Hetmyer, Marcus Stoinis, Axar Patel, Ravichandran Ashwin, Kagiso Rabada, Anrich Nortje, Tushar Deshpande
David Warner (SRH):
I actually wanted to hit first. (on his birthday) I don’t understand the cake business in this face (laughs), it’s quite messy. It was disappointing to lose that last game with so many goals in hand.
Shreyas Iyer (DC):
We’ll bowl first. The wicket looks dry and the late dew factor is a factor. It (the trend) definitely got into our minds, but we were constantly taking the first shots in the early part of the tournament. But the goal was drier and that affected our plan. We want to be in the top two, and the players are really motivated. After a few bad performances, we sat down together and talked about our mistakes. The same team.
THROW: Capital of Delhi Captain Shreyas Iyer wins the throw, opting to take on the Hyderabad Sunrisers.
The two captains – David Warner (SRH) and Shreyas Iyer (DC) – are in the middle for throws.
Time for TOSS, my friends.
Hello and welcome to live coverage from IPL 2020 a match between the Hyderabad Sunrisers and the Delhi Capitals.

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