Rupees Soar 50 Paise To 72.50 Per Dollar


Rupee Soars With 50 Paise To Close At 72.50 Against Dollar: 10 Things You Should Know

Rupee has rebounded with 12 paise to end at 73 per dollar on Tuesday

The rupee is valued at 50 paise against the dollar until it closes at 72.50 on Friday. Dollar sales by exporters support the rupee, analysts said. The dollar, which has weakened following the results of the US midterm election, launched a recovery after the Federal Reserve kept interest rates unchanged but indicated a rise next month. Meanwhile, crude oil prices continued to move down for 10 consecutive days to reach a seven-month low. With Friday's rise of 0.7 percent, the rupee reversed most of the losses registered during the short holiday week.


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