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Rumor: PS Plus August PS4 Games Leaked Before Schedule

PS Plus PlayStation Plus August 2019 PS4

The August 2019 PlayStation Plus game is said to have leaked. According to images received by Glitched Africa from a reader, two PlayStation 4 titles have appeared as "free" on the PlayStation Store, complete with the usual small PS Plus logo. We have seen PS Plus games leak earlier on the PlayStation Store before, but this is especially immediate – we are only halfway through July.

By the way, the two games in question are Star Wars Battlefront 2 and EA Sports UFC 3, it is said, and the off-screen screen itself looks the most legitimate.

However, this is where we begin to wonder if this is just a kind of mistake. Both titles are published by EA, which makes it a rather unusual choice. Adding to our doubts is the fact that EA Access – the EA subscription service – was launched later this month for the PS4, on July 24. Is EA really willing to send two (relatively new) games to PS Plus after the subscription service itself is launched on the same platform? Again, we are not sure.

We will know whether all this is real on July 31 – that's when Sony will officially announce the PS Plus August game.

In the meantime, let us know if you will be happy with this line in the comments section below.

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