Jose Mourinho Fails to Fit Like Pep Guardiola Bringing the Way of Manchester City Forward


Win the Manchester derby on Sunday and City will be 12 points clear of United in just 12 matches in the new season, a gap that has gradually widened in the last three years.

The season before their arrival, only City's superior goal difference saw them connect United to fourth place in the Premier League and Champions League qualification.

Despite a difficult first season for Guardiola in English football, City completed the campaign nine points above their rivals at City.

Last season's break surged to a record 19 between first and second place when City won the title with 100 points.

"There is quality of work, organization, I think it is untouched," even Mourinho admitted on Friday.

Every victory is a struggle

The city is clearly untouched at this time. Once again above the Premier League, the goal difference plus 29 for United plus one tells the story of the two sides that contrasted luck so far this season.

United have at least shown some resilience in recent weeks, coming from behind to beat Newcastle, Bournemouth and Juventus that impressed Juventus the most in midweek.

However, even then every victory seems a struggle. Only two times have they won with more than one goal all season, for City's 12 double win goals.

Guardiola also has an impressive record against Mourinho, losing only five of their 21 meetings.

But that included the latter when United came from behind 2-0 to surprise the Etihad in a 3-2 victory that robbed City of extra satisfaction to seal the title against their rivals.

"The point is we can increase enough to catch them next season?" said Mourinho who was optimistic at the time.

Fast forward for seven months and Mourinho has directed his boss to the club because of his failure to match City's progress under Guardiola.

"To go to Juventus level? Level of Barcelona? Level of Real Madrid? Level of Manchester City? How can you reach this level," he complained after losing United's first header with Juve. "It's not easy. We work with what we have."

Mourinho's argument is that he does not have the support Guardiola has in the transfer market, even though United spends more than the Premier League champions backed by Abu Dhabi this summer.

Much of that happened to Brazilian midfielder Fred, a player who was also coveted by City, but most failed to make an impact.

The same thing can be said for Alexis Sanchez. United beat City with an autograph from Arsenal in January for much fanfare at the time.

When legendary United manager Alex Ferguson called City "a noisy neighbor" for the signing of Carlos Tevez, their expenses were arrogant.

Because those in the wallet are married to coach Guardiola, City is getting farther to get their money.

"They are a small club with a small mentality. What they can talk about is Manchester United, that's all they do and they can't get away from it," Ferguson said, angry at Tevez who exchanged sides from the Manchester split.

There was a time with Ferguson in charge when City fans went to the derby in more hope than hope. Guardiola has put his shoes on the other foot.


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