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Explanation of Pokemon Sword And Shield And Differences Explained


Sword of Pokemon or Pokemon Shield? If you are still unsure about which version to buy, here are all exclusive Pokemon and the big difference between Sword and Shield.

Each new Pokemon generation starts with the same question: Which version should you get? Like every pair of new generation games before, Pokemon Sword and Shield offers players a different experience. There is nothing as dramatic as the difference between Pokemon Black and White, but you will find different Pokemon and meet different Gym Leaders depending on the version you are playing.

In the video above, Kurt Indovina detailed the differences between Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. The main change revolves around the Gym Leaders that you will fight. Both versions have eight Ggym each, but only six are the same in both games. In addition to the six mentioned above, in Pokemon Sword you will also fight Bea, the fighting Ggym Lleader, and Gordie, the leader of the rock gym; in Pokemon Shield, you also fight Allister, the ghost of Ggym Lleader, and Melony, the ice Ggym Lleader.

There is an exclusive Pokemon version, too – more than a dozen outside the legendary cover two versions. The new evolution of Farfetch, Sirfetch, is exclusive to Pokemon Sword, for example, as is the case with older Pokemon, like Mawile. Meanwhile, Pokemon Shield has a new Galarian Ponyta as exclusive, and Sableye is much older. For a complete list of exclusive Pokemon, watch the video above.

If you are on the fence about taking one (or both!) From the new Pokemon game, don't be. They are very good. In GameSpot's Pokemon Sword / Shield review, Kallie Plagge wrote, "In gathering, fighting and exploring, Sword and Shield cuts bloat and focuses on what makes these Pokemon game pillars so captivating in the first place. You are not held back by the system back-end that is too complicated or an obstacle to jump in; from the start, you can start roaming the Galar region, seeing new Pokemon, and trying new battle strategies with very little in your path.This leaves you free to enjoy what Pokemon is, and that making a very powerful show for the series debut right on the Switch. "

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