Dare to Increase Punishment For AFK and Griefer in next Patch 1.13


Playing Valorant is often frustrating when encountering other players who deliberately throw matches for their own entertainment. However, this kind of behavior may come to an end soon, as Riot Games reveals their plans to combat the increasing number of AFKs, throwers, shamans and smurfs in the game in their latest Ask Valorant blog post released today.

For starters, to reduce the number of players who become AFK in the game, Valorant changed the ranking queue limit from 20 matches to 10 wins starting from the next patch.

“We hope this will force players who are just spam farming to actually participate in the game and fight to win,” said producer Sara Dadafshar.

Riot also claims that they are working on “better detection of this type of behavior which will lead to harsher punishments”.

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The list of penalties for AFK, grief, or smurfs that Riot examined includes “rating penalties, experience mitigation, longer queue time restrictions, and even prohibitions if that is the reason.”

Dadafshar continued, “We wanted to differentiate between disruptive behavior stemming from communication and gameplay, and then sanction accordingly. I can’t divulge our secrets when it comes to our detection plan, but please know that we are actively working to make the game more fun in this regard!

Riot also mentioned that they might start planning to work on a system that would allow players to block shamans to prevent being placed in line with them.

“There are some differences we have to work out to make sure the queue times don’t increase significantly, but we understand how frustrating it can be when you are matched with someone you just reported on in the previous game,” said Dadafshar.

Valorant Patch 1.13 Release Date:

VALORANT patch 1.13 is expected to drop on December 8th.


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