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Chris Plummer from Call of Duty Mobile about popularity in India, PUBG Mobile-technology comparison


Call of Duty Activision: Mobile has an explosive start. The multiplayer-battle royale hybrid game surpassed 35 million downloads in less than a week of launch. According to Sensor Tower, Call of Duty: Mobile has collected about 148 million downloads in the first month, surpassing PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. The research company also showed that India is one of the biggest contributors to Call of Duty: Mobile growth.

We talked to Chris Plummer, VP Mobile at Activision, about Call of Duty: Mobile Popularity in India. Plummer also explains how this game is different from the popular PoyG Mobile royale battle game. Following are edited snippets.

Do you anticipate an extraordinary response in the first week of launch?

We are very humble with responses in the first week. There are signs that the game with Call of Duty: Mobile quality levels can really take off, but you never know until the players start to get involved with the game and tell their friends. Call of Duty has always had a great community and we are delighted to see so many new players enjoying the franchise. We still have a lot of work to do, and hope the players will keep coming back for new experiences and updates in the coming weeks.

Do you expect India to contribute so many downloads? What are your main observations about the Indian gaming community?

We saw a lot of interest from gamers in India when we tested the game from the start. This helps us ensure the quality of the network will be strong in India and we want to ensure that players in India remain involved and enthusiastic, but we did not know how popular it would be until after we were launched globally. It makes us happy to see the large and thriving Call of Duty Mobile community in India!

What makes COD Mobile different from other FPS games? Thanks to PUBG, the battle royale game takes off. Even COD Mobile has it. What distinguishes COD Mobile from competitors?

Our Battle Royale mode is our unique genre from genres in the world of Call of Duty, specially made and designed for Call of Duty: Mobile. We emphasize vehicles, including ATVs, helicopters, SUVs and tactical rafts, allowing for faster travel with your troops and driving battles on land, sea and air. In addition, another thing that distinguishes us is that players can choose an Operator class before entering a battle, where each Operator has two actionable items that are unique to that class. For example, you might use a hook while a teammate completes recovery equipment.

E-sports is a big phenomenon. Will we see the COD Mobile tournament soon?

E-Sports has always been a topic of internal discussion, but we don't have anything to say at the moment.

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Hacking and problem solving are some of the common challenges for game companies. What is your policy for cheating?

We closely monitor the game environment to ensure a fair and pleasant experience for all our players. This includes collaboration between our development, publishing and live service partners and is always evolving to adapt to a changing player base and game needs.

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How much effort has been made to make COD Mobile optimized for lower-class mobile phones and slower networks in markets like India?

Much effort has been made to optimize Call of Duty: Mobile for the widest variety of devices while still achieving the distinctive Call of Duty graphics quality fans expect. We will continue to optimize the game to reach the widest range of players and devices that can be handled properly while ensuring the quality of the experience remains high. The game currently plays quite well on middle class devices while excelling at more sophisticated hardware.

Controller support has long been demanded by fans. When will come to the game?

We have listened to players and heard it loud and clear about controller support. We are currently testing controller support and evaluating options for bringing it to the game in the future. Our goal is to ensure that controller support is implemented correctly and in a balanced manner. Be prepared for more information as this develops further.

What's next for COD Mobile? What new features or updates will we see?

We have big plans for new features, options, in-game events and more. We've been twirling several maps and new modes since the global launch and will try to keep the game fresh. For example, Gun Games were recently added to rotation, followed by rocket arena mode only. So check back regularly in the game.

Can you tell us about COD Mobile users? Demographics, active users, time spent, or similar.

Our player base is widely distributed throughout the planet and they are deeply involved with the game. Players recorded in a quarter billion hours in the first 2 weeks since we were launched globally and they are still playing intensely. It's great for all of us to experience the enthusiasm of players like this.

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