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Bajaj Chetak EV To Be Launched In 6 Colors

Bajaj Chetak EV Colors-1-2

Bajaj Chetak Electric will go on sale in January 2020 and it could be priced around Rs. 1.25 lakhs (on-road)

Bajaj has brought back the Chetak nameplate after nearly one and half decades of absence. Breaking the brand's silence by marking its entry into the electric space, the zero-emission Chetak had recently been unveiled and it will go on sale in January 2020 with deliveries beginning on the same month.

The Chetak Electric harbingers are a range of new eco-friendly models from Bajaj and it has a design language that acts as a throwback to the original Chetak with retro touches and an upright relaxed riding position. It will be priced below Rs. 1.50 lakhs and thus we expect it to be around Rs. 1.25 lakhs as it's said to carry a sticker tag attractively and not aggressively.

The e-scooter has its electric drivetrain IP67 certified as the Lithium-ion battery pack with NCA cells are used for propulsion. The Chetak EV has a versatile charging facility on 5-15 Amp household standard charger and it also boasts a Battery Management System for controlling seamless charging and discharging for better efficiency.

A home charging station can be bought for a nominal cost according to Bajaj. The 2020 Bajaj Chetak Electric comes with Eco and Sport riding modes, as the former has 95 km range and the latter has 85 km range on a single charge in real-world conditions. Expect the ARAI figures to be much higher.

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The regenerative braking system will be utilized to maximize the riding range along with a reverse assistance mode for the ease of parking. The Chetak EV has connective technologies onboard and the dedicated smartphone app is said to help in trouble-free ownership of the electric scooter as well.

Other highlighting features include single-sided cast aluminum swingarm, a rather intriguing automatic transmission, 12-inch alloy wheels, retro-inspired digital instrumentation, telescopic front forks, LED rings on the horseshoe-shaped headlamp, smooth flowing body panels and so on.

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To attract young customers, Bajaj will be selling the Chetak EV in a palette containing six color choices and all of them were displayed upon the debut. They are white, beige, silver, red, blue and black and all the paint schemes go well with the metal body and the retro styling being adopted.

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