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Totalcar – Magazine – Pininfarina also makes electric SUVs

Every four years, Automobili Pininfarina, which was founded last year, will release something new. There are also direct competitors Lamborghini Mind in their plans, with power drives.


Automobili Pininfarina based in Germany but Italy, a member of the Mahindra Group in India, was based last year, but so far it has been very encouraging. Their first car, Battista, was promoted: powered by four electric motors, nearly 2,000 hp, and around 100 accelerated. At least that's what they claim.

Battista is only the beginning, but it seems to be continuing with the electric sports car. But they see a larger segment that has been inhabited in recent years with Lambroghini and Bentley, luxury city SUVs. Apparently, they want to produce a sum, and that's not possible with a very expensive sports car, so after two million important Battista, this SUV will be sold at a cheaper price: 250 thousand pounds, or around 95 million forints.

The SUV will be the first car of the model expansion promised for years to come. It will be launched next year and will start production no later than 2021.

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