The parking allowance issue in the Szeged Assembly was sharply debated


Haag Zalán recalls that for more than a month, the Gyula District Court sentenced László Botka to three suspects and direct associates, Ervin Mózes, chief secretary, deputy mayor László László, and mayor for more than a month.

The politician recalled, repeatedly asking László Botka to do everything so that the people concerned left their posts so that the people convicted could not direct the city.

MP has demanded that he publish a complete list of who has been given free parking tickets. At the same time, he stressed that Fidesz and KDNP representatives never asked for parking spaces.

The faction leader also asked the city guide when they paid for the damage they caused 41 million forints.

Before the start of the general assembly, left-wing deputies shared "self-reports" with Fidesz and KDNP board members.

László Solymos (MSZP) emphasizes that his work is always carried out in accordance with the law. He said that if the court could be accepted without criticism – a politician called conceptual – representatives of Fidesz and KDNP who were among those who had been granted parking permits for more than ten years could do nothing but sign self-reports and be responsible for the economy.

László Botka stated that politicians in the Fidesz tried to blow up civil servants who worked for the city with slander. In Szeged and all major cities in the country, it has been practiced for decades to get city representatives to rent parking spaces for their jobs.

The Gyula District Court on October 2 said that two former heads of Szegedi Közlekedési Kft, and the previous car parking manager of the company as co-rapporteurs, Szeged's chief note taker, one of the deputy mayors, and cabinet leader of the mayor as agitators, said he was the main actor and the main offender is harmed. who is guilty. The defendants were sentenced to one year in prison in court executions for six and ten months.

The court found that the defendants had provided 307 free parking spaces for natural persons and law between 2008 and 2012 without being represented by their legal mandates or other legal reasons. People have also been given free parking tickets that have nothing to do with the local government.

Prosecutors announced appeals for atrocities and demanded that the Second Prosecutor's Office of Gyula disqualify former Szegedi Közlekedési Kft Manager. From work as the company's chief executive officer. The defendants did not take part in the trial, and their defenders appealed the dismissal of their defendants in the absence of a crime.



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