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"We are very sad to announce that János Bélik (born Katalin Piláth), the city of Piliscsaba and the oldest Hungarian citizen died on November 3, 2018, died in 111 years of his life. His children, relatives, friends and everyone who knew him and loved us shared the family funeral, we will be briefed later to accompany his last trip to Aunt Kati. Relax in peace! "- said Deputy Mayor Piliscsaba on Facebook.

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Four years, on 107th birthday Bors also greeted the old woman, which at the age of 104 began to deteriorate. Then he told the newspaper: He was born in Piliscsaba, where he lived and lived there all his life – his family moved to settlements in the 1700s.

– As a child, I lived in the First World War, and then came the second when we brought horses into the house and slept with animals so that the enemy would not pay attention to them and take them away. I even survived the fifties when everything had to be delivered

– Aunt Kati talks about your life.

– At that time, people put all their money on the ground, which was relatives who committed suicide in their own area after being taken away. I saw Horthy with a white horse, and I heard fifty-six shots here, and I could appreciate it if at least the bread arrived at the table. Today I don't remember much, but I am quite bright in my life, and I study English, German and Gipsy and Hungarian.

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I also lived life that I laughed at the boy, a man, who was a gentleman to me, who was my husband for sixty-seven years

– told about his partner, János Bélik: they have three children.

His daughter then said: the family is big and cohesive, and the table is set to 37. Her mother's opinion is always looking for everything, and she is always the last word. He never gets angry, but he always says what he thinks.


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