Tuesday , October 26 2021

The NKE Senate could decide on Szájer’s appointment as an honorary university professor


The Senate of the National Civil Service University is awaiting a decision on what to do József Szájer with the title of honorary university professor – writes Mfor.

In 2016, the university board decided to appoint Szájer for the following reasons:

With a donation title, we express our appreciation for his outstanding professional activities, teaching and research. He took a decisive role in the work of the Opposition Round Table to prepare for regime change. He had outdated professional achievements in the field of public law and foreign affairs development, and carried out outstanding scientific activity. As an educator and researcher, he is involved in training the next generation. His consistent work in reforming public law in Hungary earned him the title of honorary university professor.

The portal asked the university if the fallen politician Fidesz had indicated he would resign from the post. In addition to his mandate at the European Parliament, Szájer restored his honorary citizenship at Sopron, leaving Fidesz and Maria SchmidtHe also resigned from the Supervisory Board of the Public Foundation for the Study of History and Society of Central and Eastern Europe.

However, the university did not accept József Szájer’s written resignation:

József Szájer has never previously been or is currently undertaking educational activities at our university, and has not received remuneration or other benefits. We have been guest speakers at several conferences and events in the past

NKE wrote in its reply, adding that the fate of Szájer’s address could be determined by the university senate.

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