The New York Stock Exchange was closed


Concerns about a slowdown in world economic growth have exacerbated the market atmosphere and have greatly shaken investors' willingness to take risks – MTI wrote.

Key indicators from the New York Stock Exchange have weakened on Friday, MTI wrote referring to Reuters.

30 leading industrial companies in the Dow Jones index fell by 201.59 points, 0.77 percent to 25,989.63 points.

The S & P 500 index fell 25.7 points, 0.92 percent, and ended the day at 2781.13.

The Nasdaq Composite Index of Technology Shares is 123.98 points, 1.65 percent lower and 7406.9.

The biggest losers in Friday's trade included technology and industry shares, the energy sector and the raw materials industry.

The price of Brent since April has been reduced by $ 70 for the first time this Friday, and WTI prices under $ 60 are also the lowest in eight months. Oil prices have dropped twenty percent compared to the four-year peak in October.

US-China trade tensions have caused doubts about world oil demand as a result of expected economic consequences, which are price cuts.


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