The fence that saves SONLINE's life


One of 117 valuable objects and remains of 117 Olympic champion footballers, successful coaches and dancer Dalnoki Jenő experts, known for their unique style, unique humor and violence, is seen in one of the galleries on Falk Miksa Street in Budapest. Even though I didn't know my uncle, Jeno personally, I heard stories about him. One is more springy than the other – especially Fradi's favorite ex, penguin footballer, then journalist, editor-in-chief, commentator, Ján József Bánki "Dodó" …

This one! On the right side, Simon "Simi" Tibor plays a green-white fan at least as hard as on a track like Jeno Dalnoki, who is "crowded" by doing this – a little outbreak of work – and then telling legend "

– Simmik! (Uncle Jeno is a little tempting.) The big ones here say that you are a very tough kid on the field, and they run away from strikers, right?
"Well, I'm not too soft, Uncle Jeno. I go like mozambó!
– Look, here, my little brother.

When I played football in Fradi, the first four lines did not issue tickets, because even the fans joked.

Pay attention to one, but also: lies don't give up!

Then the others …

It was the life of one of the most powerful Fradi strikers, Szabo horned "Kaptat" was replaced by Laszlo Szokolai. Uncle Jeno, when he was playing with his pipe, commented happily with his funny humor.

– We finally made a big deal! We have replaced large scratches at two small sparks …
One of the dances for the Ferencváros-Újpest Dózsa derby is Mr. Dalnoki.
In your rough way, he pulled a wet sheet to his players one by one, among the first among Blohin's bloody killers, economist Győző Martos …

– Martosku! Your niece called me by phone and thanked me for saving my life!
– My bag, Jeno, huh ?! But when, how, why? – National defenders don't understand.
"Well, I have a track on time."
"Don't be angry again, but what does this have to do with saving my life?" He asked, still surprised by Győző.
"It's just that if there is no fence around the track that catches you in your big rush, you will run out of the Üröcsik gun on Üllői Road, press tram 50, then you have enough!


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