The cheese seed was beaten by Soros University


Megerstette Hungarian Idk CEU AS fictitiously becomes the representative of Soros University. At Origo, cheese Enyedi Zsolt stated in his own statement that they did not have mothers in the United States, and that was the only Kpzsk diploma outside and they did not graduate. Previously, it was based on the vote that he did not have a university degree at Soros University American Bard College. Soros University is no longer suitable for high school. The most interesting thing about this story is that Hungarian Soros Gyrgy from Hungary came to Enyedi's death, because they did not pay attention to the rustling of the hostages.

Soros University fell. The Budapest business does not even apply to high school, because all of them can get the only "diploma" given by Soros University to foreign markets. This means that there are no postgraduate studies conducted by Soros University in the United States with Bard College (BC) – from the University's former University Master of Science in Responsible Education from telephone calls led by Osztly.

Hungarian Idk has taken it Janet Stetson was arrested by an auditor who is currently working in SM on the Soros university campus, saying that Soros Gyrgy did not have a master's diploma at Bardon, and that there was no such thing as America. In his words, everything can be meaningless, as well as the fact that the people at Bard's base can go to Europe for Soros University.

Soros Gyrgy's lhrgyra idea took the words of Soros University employeesForrs: –

Soros-fle's fake news thread began

Zsolt Enyedi, deputy chancellor of Soros University, published an article about the length of an anarchist where he strangled cheese. The most beautiful thing is that Soros University employee sentences were taken by Hungarian authorities in every criticism, and they gave the impression that Hungarian Idk would leave the valley. Of course this is not a stranger to Soros-fle Lhrgyraktl, MKDKET in this article.

Soros employees are joking with cheese seeds

Enyedi argues that Hungarian Idk was instructed by the New York Office of Education to officially state that he was in New York with Bond College and a New York Independent graduate in New York. but at the New York masterclass level, he did not fully comply with criticism of Hungarian higher education, because according to Zsolt Enyedi, he does not have a mother-in-law from Soros University in the same country, all of which are in the public domain in Budapest.

The vice chancellor also said that unconsciously Janet Stetson, who heads the Master of Osmtly, did not care about the Seros-University program. However, as a class leader, Stetson is familiar with universities in America running their programs, and he stressed that the United States does not have a university degree at Soros University.


As Origo wrote, This nonsense was inaugurated because Soros Gyrgy's people began to prove that Soros University is an American American university that can give US titles in Hungary. So far, the Hungarian government has been shocked by the fact that Soros University only has one fictional campus in the United States, and in the end a visit to Budapest is worth a visit.

I am Soros University in AmericaForrs: Origo

In the latter case, however, mkdse will become out of control, because only Hungarian universities can only offer accredited certificates in Hungary and they can provide diplomas. Zsolt Enyedi said in e-mails more that their program was not handled by Janet Stetson, but by Jonathan Becker, a fictional lieutenant. The Chancellor of Soros University ended: in September, the University began another program in New York.

Zoltan Kovcs: They did not provide an explanation

Soros University and the expansion of Bard College did not yield to criticism that every ms, in the case of Hungarian secondary schools, could do so, the fact that cheese is home to anchovy, kormnyszviv.

Politicians have suggested that when the government is in the same way as it is today the governors are all the same, but not Hungary, not Hungarians who have to do it to meet people.

Soros University as a diploma, the subjects mentioned above must be the cause of Soros University, "he said.

Zoltn Kovcs: People who grew up did not give in to criticism that every ms, Magyarorszgon could reach high schoolForrs: MTI / Rosta Tibor

This is baggage

The Soros University, in September last year, has a joint venture with American Bard College, and this is why it has become a reliable Hungarian mkdsk. Last year's ups and downs meant that in our country, universities can only issue diplomas if they have mother-in-law in their home country. ASOROS University did not meet the above criteria, and Ms Kovcs Zoltn, a government minister and Minister Gergely Gulys, also denied that Kzp-eurpai University had nothing to do with it, an integral part of Hungarian higher education.


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