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Roland Varga is not sulking, but instead includes pdf grace

Ferencvros was a huge success on the night of the club, with CSKA Moscow, who was previously the strongest member of the group in the Europa League, to win 1-0 at home. Fradi, who is in his fourth hat and won an international match after 15 years, had an incredible amount of fun among the players. According to Endre Botka, stay on the fold now, as one of the nights hes, Roland Varga continues to do it, and the other, Dibusz Dnes, focuses on the future. Report on the spot from Moscow.

Report our work locally from Moscow.

Ferencvros made his second group away match against CSKA at VEB Arn. The opportunity is not born with Fradi, but after scoring against Espanyol, he got more courage from the kitten, but the strongest CSKA at home could bring home a better chrome score.

Moscow traffic always makes things interesting for match days. The stadium going up and down the roadblocks is now a truck that drove to the police and agreed to let the bus into the stadium parking lot. Before that, buses will sleep under bushes, is there nothing in fortified alvzra, then the main gate of Moscow to the traditional beltset of Moscow.

At the cheese shop, the local troops had explored borscht soup, and around six o'clock the local organizer had poured snacks for jsgrk.

Shortly before the match, CSKA started calmly, which is not to say that it was flbemsz, but the harder it was. They giggled at the gate and then giggled their team. Over time, household ultrates get rid of nails more and more frequently, this to them appears as a strand of mg.

CSKA fanaticsForrs: Sputnik / Alexey Filippov

Apparently, during the match there is a cage-warrior, Conor McGregor, who announced his return in Moscow. It is unknown which team supports the match, but it was an impressive match. CSZKA blocked more, but the Hungarian champion did a good job, he also had a position as a PR, and Roland Volga Roland also added forgiveness pdfs.

Conor McGregor is on the standForrs: Sputnik / Alexey Filippov

After that incident, he was truly relieved to talk on TV and then to Ferencvros's coach, Sergei Rebrov.

"Both teams have created a great situation on the nameplate. It was good to see the players playing Ferencvros. Tokmac and Boli also brought a lot of success, but the whole team played well and deserved success. I told the scouts to help me in the deputy paragraph, but don't forget that we didn't come here with a pretty neat one. Isael and Roland Varga also added a lot to the game they were interested in. We want to do our part in the European League to remember us, Mr. CSKA will certainly not forget us. I really appreciate that on the second launch, the team has taken more. We got a chrome score which is very important for CSKA.

Sergei Rebrov can be happy with the teamForrs: Sputnik / Alexey Filippov

Sergei Rebrov said the Europa League motivated players. You also have to get ready for the championship. Maybe thousands of people outnumbered by jpest.

CSKA directs Moscow Viktor Goncharenko he said, he always had the same problem with the team: they played very well on the first slide, but then they started playing.

In the second game, we failed to display the game again. This is more a psychological problem, our battle is not safe. Often our games are in a hurry, "Goncharenko said.

Botka Endre, who also started in defense against jpest in the middle of defense, also got the game without a view.

"From the beginning I knew I would play, which is not surprising. Of course, it is very valuable for victory. If someone says this before the match … We have succeeded, we know they were defeated twice in the group, but we cannot start with that. They have a young team, they are very fast, they are rich, but fortunately we have learned to win. At first we had difficulty getting into it, we had a lot of balls sold. There is a pr gay situation that we end, but I think we will get a good offer, whether it works, lucky. At Flid, our practice is to push the ball up and move it a little. At the first flip we kicked the ball many times, at the second flip we scored many times and deserved success. This team deserved it, but now we have to stay on the fld and play on one page, because we have a lot of assignments. "There is so much power in this team that we can drive greater success," Endre Botka said.

Varga Roland he received a brilliant victory, which, after much tension, gave him victory in front of Fradi fans.

Roland Varga exchanged victoriesForrs: AFP / Alexander Nemenov

"I got a little of what happened. "It's strange that I managed to win a match like this," Fradi said in a mixed match. Most importantly, we won and I scored. At first, we emphasized that we joined the original group, if we can get points here, it is the icing on the cake. Now we have many points, the team uses a lot. We don't think we will fit in and play what happens. It was a very busy match, I hope, fortunately, it has evolved.

Everyone was very happy at ltz, and it was a great thing that we could win here. Most importantly, you have it, and you might see the same results at Fehrvr on Sunday. Of course, the leader thanked Glom, congratulations. Everyone jumps into the fire, dancing with me, but this is my destiny. I don't want to talk about joining the team, so I've done my work so far, I'll do it again. We will spend as much as I can. "Of course you can't say anything bad, I do my job respectfully," Varga Roland said.

Captain of the Fradi team, Gerg Lovrencsics the key is that the team dares to play.

Gerg Lovrencsics also came outForrs: Anadolu Agency / 2019 Anadolu Agency / Sefa Karacan

"The first and the second are cool. The first is far more than the second. We also have a chance, and on the second launch we dare to play. CSKA start from the ball, we can get the ball out better, and we can be a little more relaxed on the field. Franck Boli does a lot of work too, so we can catch a little ball. We were able to be brave for the last dozen minutes, the team didn't release bowels. We dare go ahead, there are areas, gls can do that too. This success is very meaningful, this is our first client in a long time group. Now, experience is the most important. All points and wins are very important, and these three points from the opponent's first hat must give you a lot of confidence. We are in the heavyweight series with a match against Fehrvr on Sunday, then a cup match, followed by a battle against Mezkvesd, CSKA, then Debrecen and vlog. This match also proves that if you dare to play, you will have the power to give away dsf. I realize that this match is possible, everyone goes to crisis. I would feel ashamed if someone said that they were on the edge, I was in the team. Roli has ksznet, she really needs this gl and team.

The fact that I can finish the pontgs this time is no stranger. In Poland I always do this. I don't have to participate in Fradinl so far, Roland Varga rgtechnik doesn't have to be introduced, but I think the master has a very serious task. "I'm trying to do a good job, I might have a dangerous threat," said Gerg Lovrencsics.

Franck Boli, according to the Battle of Fradi, you have shown that they are not just DSI in groups.

Franck Boli also works a lotForrs: AFP / Alexander Nemenov

"I know that we will not win a group match, it is very bad to be a part of it. It was a very difficult match, the first slide. The opponent has many situations, but we fought hard and the finalists managed to get a good punch. We are not only here to be a member of that woman, we want to show that we have a new team, we can play, we can fight if necessary. We are not looking for women, we will play games, we will spend what happens, "said Boli, who seems to play Tokmac very well.

"It's easy to play with him, and he is with me. Well, we have to get to know each other, we used to play against each other, we know when others move, we don't have difficulty. "

Next to Roland Varga, that night was also a Hungarian hse Dibusz Dnes he is in fantastic condition.

"It was a difficult match, we knew CSKA would be strong, and we said they would let it play. We know there will be difficult times, there are some difficult situations, but we are really jerks when unfortunately Tokmac made a mistake. Utna has fewer situations, but it is important to remain calm, and the home team must take greater risks and work time. Scouts are going well, with Isael and Roland Varga playing an important role in the victory. We are lucky, but we make sure we are lucky "- said Dibusz, who said that this might be a success.

Dibusz also introduced some courageForrs: Sputnik / Alexey Filippov

"The leader refreshes the elite players, and that's in. The scouts came along well, but the key to that was that it took me 70 to 80 minutes to sweat a lot, but we still maintained the results, we saw the possibility, which was success. "

According to goalkeeper Fradi, the team had a good time and a good time.

"The mood was very good, I think it surprised everyone. One of the worries that I see is that there are lots of naked vegetables in the grocery store, but they can't complain, it can get much colder. I think today is the right time, not too cold, we have to do something, I think nobody is cooking. The layers are also perfect, the stadium is very sparkling and the victory itself is the icing on the cake. "

Dibusz Dnes s Igor AkinfeevForrs: AFP / Alexander Nemenov

In the following, there will be a template similar to cstrt, with only the layers reversed. With similar results, Fradi acr can be removed.

"We know the group can play with the idea, but now we have to focus on Sunday's game. Your high rank is Risi, but I'm sure we can build confidence in this match. There should not be a problem for this match. This hell is really cool right now, only Risi games are valued at the moment, but it's easy to stay motivated. So far, two, two, I am sure that such results will come on Sunday. There was a lot of criticism after the match against jpest, they didn't think it was, but we can be proud of the results, and today we made the best of it. The fact that the defense has changed for me is not a problem, we have also fought jpest. Those who get the chance can be with him, but this is a healthy competition that will benefit the team.

The situation of Roland Varga is very special. It doesn't play, you don't get as many opportunities as you want. He has 10 to 15 minutes to make a lasting impression, and today, fortunately, he succeeded, and he placed himself in history books. Everyone is aware of their skills. It is difficult for him to deal with this by not starting in some cases, but he needs adjustments so that the situation changes. This is very good news for the manager and this team too, that when he talks he doesn't frown. "It doesn't look like it's full of power, it tries to get the most out of its minutes and it really helps," Dibusz Dnes said.

Reflecting on Ferencvros' assignments, CSKA Moscow will host a team in the European League.

CSKA Moscow-Ferencvros 0-1 (0-0)
Moscow, VEB Arna, v .: Pavel Orel (Czech)
glzerz: Varga R. (87)
srga tabs: Bistrovic (78), Magnsson (92) or Sigr (74), Haratin (92)

CSKA Moscow: Akinfeev – Kuchsaev (Bistrovic, 61), Giveev, Magnsson, Karpov, Mrio Fernandes – Ahmetov (Lucas Santos, 75), Vlasic, Obljakov – Sigurdsson (Bijol, 80), Chalov

Ferencvros: Dibusz – Lovrencsics, Botka, Blazic, Civic – Sigr, Haratyin, Ihnatyenko – Zubkov (Dvali, 89), Boli (Isael, 72), Tokmac (Varga R., 84).

In other group matches: Ludogorec-Espanyol 0-1

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