Opposition to the family was criticized by the opposition


There was a serious debate in Parliament about national consultations on Hungarian families. The MSZP representative ripped out the questionnaire. Representative dialogue challenges the color of the consultation sheet, while DK calls people to paper. According to the government, opposition politicians do not violate the government but Hungarian voters.

"You are very decent for Hungarian families! Fifty of these are forints! And they know everything I can do with your national consultation!" – with these words, a small group of government politicians opposed IBZP Bangóné Borbély Ildikó before breaking the national consultation poll in parliament. According to socialist politicians, with a consultation letter the government sent "garbage" to Hungarian citizens.

The MSZP sitting behind Ildikó Bangóné Borbély, Tamás Harangozó and Lajos Korózs expressed their agreement.

"Ildikó Borbély Bangóné does not violate the government but Hungarian voters," said Bence Rétvári, Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Human Resources in his response. He argues that socialist politicians symbolically attack those in family affairs and want to hear their voices.

The other opposition also criticized the questionnaire

National consultations with families were also criticized by other opposition parties. For example, the Kocsis-Cake Olivió dialog doesn't like the color of the shape. In addition, like the immigration and terrorism curves, this consultation is also useless.

A spokesman for the Democratic Coalition announced the match. Those who think it is the most difficult to translate a national consultation, Ferenc Gyurcsány invites you to drink coffee. During Zsolt Gréczy's speech, even LMP Schmuck and Péter Ungár, who sat in front of him, looked awkward. Politicians say that from a socialist government, families receive more support.

The Left Action has harmed the Hungarian family

"The left has a series of decisions that put Hungarian families in a bad position," said Zsolt Gréczy, Secretary of State at the Prime Minister's Cabinet Office. Csaba Dömötör then made a list of some negative measures from Gyurcsány's government.

As he said, the house creation program was abolished, housing more than doubled, families with one and two families were completely removed, and family allowances for families with three or more children were limited. One-year-old kidnappers have been kidnapped from mothers. They decided that energy prices would rise and the school would be closed at many points of the country – said Csaba Dömötör.

The government is thinking domestically

Ildikó, Bangóné Borbély, a socialist, also complained that, according to the consultation letter, he was not a photograph of a Hungarian family. Bence Rétvári responded to this, while Ildikó Bangóné Borbély criticized national consultations on families, so he could sit in parliament because before the referendum in 2004 he smiled at posters rejecting cross-border socialists in Hungary. He added that the government, on the other hand, was thinking in the country, with the majority of voters agreeing in April.


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