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Népszava Smith First, then Aerosmith

He likes to play with fire, doesn't tolerate teaching, mocks any power, doesn't know respect, trust, the importance of human relationships – he's Elon Musk or Mr. Tesla.

Where is Tesla? "The question has been floating around the company about the scandal of the past. In fact, it can be seen that recently, the founder of Elon Musk's favorite Tesla Roadster, on SpaceX missiles, has departed from the Kennedy Space Center for our space mission for millions of years "Don't panic," standing on the dash of the sports car, quoted by Douglas Adams Galaxis as a travel guide, and Musk looked at the shot, seriously thinking that in tens of millions of years, the Red Roadster was back on Venus or on Earth. even thought he would be at the landing because he didn't know it was impossible. "I want to die in Marson, and I don't have to fall," he said.

"My girlfriend will have fun"

In early August, Elon Musk surprised investors by announcing on Twitter that they would extract Tesla shares from the stock market. He mentioned the current exchange rate of around $ 10,000, a bid of $ 420, referring to Saudi funds. At the end of August, it was recaptured, but it was frustrated by several shareholders and the US Stock Exchange, saying it was intentionally creating uncertainty and manipulating market levels. The shares rose first, and they were disturbed by the second announcement. According to the SEC, "fraudulent and misleading announcements" Musk has caused damage to investors and filed suit against him. After it became clear that they were actually negotiating with the Saudi base, but it did not cost money, many people suspected why they rounded up $ 420 to Musk. The BBC reporter also gets the answer: "I think my girlfriend will have fun with this".

Cannabis consumers understand what they are aiming for, which is the most ideal time to cure the afternoon 4 hours 20 minutes (4:20). In September, Musk did not bother to take grass in the public on TV broadcast programs. But Wall Street doesn't understand the joke, Musk has to step down. He has been associated with the SEC: for three years, president Tesla – he said, but still CEO – was not paid – and paid a $ 20-20 million fine imposed on him and the company, and was stubborn in controlling Tesla's public communications. But not long after, Musk announced again, of course on Twitter. He proposed a change of name for the SEC, which he said was a fantastic job to enrich the short-range speculator called. Therefore he considers that the old Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) can be replaced by the Shorts Enrichment Commission, a new name for stock exchange, which will not change its abbreviations as well.

Playing great

On the thickest days in September, Musk deals with giant recyclable rockets developed by Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) and, in principle, to reach Mars. For now, however, he is targeting the Moon, in fact, he is even recruiting tourists to travel above the celestial body. There are many candidates, including the businessman himself choosing billionaire Maezava Juszak, founder of Japan's largest online fashion store, former punk fighter for the first passenger Big Falcon Rocket (BFR). Maezava immediately announced, bought all the space and made plans with the artists.

SpaceX was founded in 2002 by Musk. The company name is as important as Dragon Spacecraft, which successfully landed on Earth and then managed to return to Earth, then reached the International Space Station, then docked, recovering safely after shipping was removed. SpaceX has developed the Falcon 9 launch family, a new thing that can be reused, that is, it returns to the ground. His first trip was successful and the second was not without damage. Since then, they have had many successful launches, recently, in early October, Argentine satellites were sold to Falcon 9 Earth Orbit and then returned unscathed to the Vandenberg launch station.

The inventor of Musk engineers played well in all fields. SolarCity, based on solar utilization, is the culmination of environmental awareness. From your latest business, Hyperloop will launch a new chapter on shipping. Capsules running at speeds of 1200 km per hour will be supported by solar energy. The Boring company aims to break metropolitan plugs through underground routing networks to provide high-speed elevators that can travel to speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour.

Money-making machine

But real business, the most important thing for Musk is Tesla, who came in 2004 and took the leadership in 2008. Electric cars are the future – he is recognized and not wrong. The company was born in the Palo Altos garage, currently offering jobs to 40,000 people, the market capitalization of its shares is comparable to General Motors. However, profitability is still in doubt. Without musk, Tesla is nothing more than a money-making machine, but it will be destroyed under the current $ 9 billion debt strike, analysts said. But Tesla is different from the others, it is not possible when it will come when it can be said that everything is perfect in a company, basic operation is the principle of "the problem behind the problem", but self-governing controllers as freelancers always find a way out.

The electric-powered car company was buried several times. In June, for example, companies were forced to close almost 10 percent, according to analysts, approaching total bankruptcy after Model 3 did not produce the expected revenue. The Model S and Model X offer a minimum of $ 80,000 for $ 35,000 for Model 3, which in principle makes it more available. Musk promised 500,000 Tesla cars for 2018 and 1 million by 2020, which is a bold statement considering nearly 100,000 sales in 2017.

At the Fremont factory, where the X and S models have been rolling since 2010, it is not surprising that 1000 robots cannot do the job. Instead of 5000 Models 3 per week, a total of 2,000 carts are off the treadmill from August 2017 to the end of December. Tesla's over-automation was a big mistake, "it's my fault," admitted Musk, claiming that the importance of human contributions was underestimated and made into "ridiculous" bandwidth. All of this has been shared with the public on Twitter by his favorite "spokesman". He then established a new builder in early 2018 in a factory parking lot under the hood …

Tesla leads

Doubt abounds, but it works. As has been published in recent months, Tesla is the world leader in the world of electric cars by selling 83,500 cars in the last quarter, of which 55,840 were sold from the first car model, Model 3. At the same time, it was too early to say the operation was trouble free , and logistical problems are not resolved. The New York Times made it clear that vehicles were billed in the California and Colorado parking lots, and clients were waiting. Only a few of the shipping crew, but now they are starting to produce: "Production from hell is in the logic box," Musk explained on Twitter. Currently there are around 420,000 memories for the "section" 3 model, fans are eager to anticipate delivery delays, and when they finally approach miracles, they are all able to realize a humorous, easy-to-use and theatrical experience, they forgive everything.

Few people support it

Is there a type of physical law that prevents me from doing what I imagine, if I don't do it, then I do it – this is the basis of a talented person, in some ways, Autistic Musk. He likes to play with fire, he does not tolerate teaching, he is a freak of all manifesting powers. He does not know respect, trust, the importance of human relations – this is also the reason why few people stand beside him. He just wants to work with the best, he is forced to force him on the edge of the riots, and he will talk to you, and he will be thrown away soon. For 12 years, his loyal assistant, Mary Beth Brown, flew immediately after a low salary increase.

Surrounded by fans and hackers, 50 senior engineers left Muscat in the past two years. His mind is constantly bound by voluntary responsibility: he wants to save humanity from self-destruction. That will solve the problem of warming up with electric cars, using solar energy, and if Earth's efforts prove low, colonize Mars. His countless manifestations show: he is crazy but careful. He uses the latest advances in scientific research, but is concerned that one day artificial intelligence will surpass the human brain and endanger humans. "This must be prevented from making fools," he said at the Boston Boston conference, at the same time urging the establishment of an institution for the development of controlled artificial intelligence.

On time

Elon Musk's personal life is as strange as his business. In 2008, he left his first wife, Justine Wilson, a physicist actress, mother of their five children. Twice he took the actress Talulah Riley, in collaboration with Amber Heard and his ex-wife Johnny Depp, and now he lives with Canadian singer Grimes, 17 years younger. Their relationship may be long after Musk slept more with Tesla's friend Larry Page (Google's founder, now CEO Alpha) as their common home. 15-20 hours of work a day, and every day of the week, this is Musk's dance order. He lives life. Usually, Monday morning in the ancient residential neighborhood of Los Angeles, you can spend all day at SpaceX. Tuesday morning was a glimpse of the missile issue, then headed to Silicon Valley, where he spent two days for Tesla. On Thursday again, Los Angeles and SpaceX are programs, while the main role is played by five boys: twin twins and triplets.

Pedestrian skylights

Musk is from South Africa, where he was transferred to Canada at the age of 17 when they wanted to sort out. He studied physics and economics, then enrolled in Stanford, California, after two diplomas. They took it, but left it in two days to "overcome problems that are important for the future of humanity." Of course, it's money. He was named Zip2 as his brother Kim2 with his brother Kimball in 1995, who provided local news and online advertising for large media; among the buyers is The New York Times, Chicago Tribune. Zip2 had $ 341 million in 1999 for Compaq. This is based on Paypalt which provides Internet payment services. Two years later, Ebay bought a payment platform worth 1.5 billion dollars. So much has been done since then, and creative partners have joined Musk's brother.
Their cousin, brother Rive, also came from South Africa to America. On the streets of Santa Cruz, skateboarding on skateboards, they knocked on unknown businesses, offered their computer services in the late 90s. They soon realized that an easy way to get out door to door was to find out. They created software to access remotely from client computer systems, and this was the birthplace of Everdream, whose long-standing debut campaign remained impressive in Silicon Valley. All possible surfaces were fired with a swollen and broken picture of Lyndon Rive, a man who was a hockey diver, and a diver, with a computer, covering the part of his body that he did not want to show. "Don't let your IT system fall," the poster said.
In the summer of 2004, cousins, three Rive, Lyndon, Peter and Russ and Elon Musk started a rental caravan in the Black Rock desert at the Burning Man festival, but also hoped to recall their crazy childhood adventures on the road. Already more and more, the idea of ​​the company that will be used for solar energy has been pinned. The big four don't waste time, explore every opportunity for two years, and get acquainted with the secrets and possibilities of the professional economy. They founded SolarCity, beyond that is an independent company, another Musk business, to become an important part of Musk's business, embodies a concept called "united terrain" by the founder, where various activities have long-term support for each other. Currently, Tesla-powered batteries, SolarCity, also sell SolarCity solar cells for electric charging stations, and of course, Tesla and SpaceX share many operational secrets.

Hyperloop in Los Angeles

Musk announced on the day when the first tunnel in Los Angeles was nearing completion, where vehicles could reach the city from one edge of the city in 6 minutes. Only 45 minutes by car. In the details so far, the platform on the surface will slip with pedestrians, cyclists and cars into a tube that has almost no air resistance, and the capsule runs smoothly on thin air pads. Hyperloop (for now) will drive travelers to their destination at 250 km / hour. The inauguration will be held on December 10, the first day the audience can test futuristic mode for free. According to Musk, bikers will not be charged more than the ticket price for Hyperloop.

He then told his Twitter followers: "It's worth it" – commented on the $ 20 million fine imposed by the SEC. He did not deny, after November 13, he would become Tesla's new president. James Murdoch, who joined the council last year, remains the chairman of 21st Century Fox, and now reports that his brother, Lachlan Murdoch, handed over the handlebar. Tesla has lost a hell of a loss, with third-quarter profit of $ 312 million, while the previous quarter's balance showed a loss of 717 million. The company has been twice successful since it was launched six years ago, with 11 million in 2013 and profits of $ 16 million in 2016. Wall Street has given the latest announcement with a 12 percent price increase.

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