Tuesday , May 18 2021

Mr has more than 50 millins in detention

The Babysitter's gossip was a bit, the rescue bankruptcy was worth 50 million in November, said Varga Mihly. The Secretary of State stressed that this was more than 30 years, compared to 38 milirds last year.

The actual interest rate is 5.4 times, while young people can spend up to 18 years at brunch.

Secretary of State:

Babysitting is the safest, simplest, and one of the highest results to invest those who want to care for their children and their children on jvjrl.

IllusztrciForrs: MTI / Vajda Jnos

The most important thing for the government is the support of family-raising children, which, starting with system adventures, is a tremendous effort from a home-based program. We also say that more and more people plan to invest in long-term and courageous ways to make their children stand up and run, "said Varga Mihly.

This is what Babysitters should do, thinking of 20 to 25 thousand more than the fact that it is feasible to buy babysits for their children, which produce more than 160,000 styles.

Babysitvny has taken the opportunity to get rid of each slice, "said Varga Mihly. Very high loan yields will mean that the interest rate will be higher in the first three years. For example, the total interest rate for the first series is $ 5.4.

Chronic relocation of war warrants is higher than the most similar, and children will be saved by the money market.

He said that starting with $ 42,500 Income Tax on the Start-up Fund, he would also be able to buy more than one million forint, because he has the right to deposit up to 6,000 forints. Because of the high interest rates, it is not surprising that more and more people are bringing their children back to llamkincström Hungary, because children's start-ups can be used to put baby children in hospitals.

IllusztrciForrs: AFP / Barbara Laborde

Babysitting can be rented up to the child's 18th birthday, and the number of caregivers according to the amount paid is reduced immediately to llamkincstr Hungary. The child may have a child over the age of the child, and he can use it for parents in old age. You can add it to the ad, jrulk and it's not free, "said Varga Mihly.

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