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Man manual BL: Szeged-Skjern – NSO

Handbold's Mol-Pick Szeged-Skjern match of the Champions League Handball, where Szeged won, can take a big step to secure the takeover. Follow match events with our constantly updated text messages, say, tell us what you think.


Mol-Pick Szeged-Skjern HB (Danish) 11-13
Szeged, City Sports Hall, 3500 seen. V: Brunner, Salah (Switzerland)


27 minutes: Suddenly the mood is very cheerful, no problem, if the atmosphere starts to get a little shabby.

27 minutes: Danish Timeout.

26 minutes into the game: They lost the thread to the Swiss referee, but then they failed in the balogh, then kicked Mogensen for two minutes. The ball stays in Denmark.

25 minutes into the game: Alilovic defeated the chipmunks, Källman dropped a failure on an empty goal, but the judge signaled the aim of Denmark, not Denmark being exchanged for Söndergaard, 11-13.

24 minutes: After playing Canellas Gaber judged by the judge, the audience did not like it, the Danish attack.

23 minutes: Mogensen's exhibition, which Mikkelsen "celebrates" 11-12.

22 minutes: Luckily hit by Källman 11-11!

22 minutes: Grebenc was on the field for the first time, even throwing his first goal … 10-11!

21 minutes: It's easy to dissolve the Szeged attack at the end of the day without a goalkeeper coming to Denmark.

20 minutes: Stenbäcken gets yellow, Gaber and a bad joke from Balog, Szeged's free kick, thank you. Indeed, in two minutes to Denmark, Mogensen did not understand. He got it to lurk.

19 minutes: Söndergaard has not been described, once again, 10-10.

19 minutes: Zsolt Balogh has also signed up for a goal scorer, 10-9!

18 minutes: Alilovic defended big in the Jakobsen invasion, but in vain, Yellow Canellas, and seven for Denmark. Söndergaard folds, 9-9.

17 minutes: Tangen opened fire on him, not Bodó, 9-8!

17 minutes: Gaber fought for this week, Sigurmannsson scored, 8-8!

16 minutes: Söndergaard is hard to maintain so far, once again from the wind, 7-8!

16 minutes: Bodou from the wind, come in, 7-7

15 minutes: The rest of Szeged's time, the homeowner had fallen to six goals, five minutes to no avail, while guests had thrown three in the line.

14 minutes: Zsitnyikov's shot was blocked by Denmark, and at the end of his attack Söndergaard cut from the wind, 6-7.

14 minutes: Mikkelsen looked down at the wall and slammed it down, 6-6.

13 minutes: Bombac shot his foot badly, and at the end of the opposition Bánhidi was thrown out for two minutes.

13 minutes: At the end of a long figure, Tangen shot beside him and did not equalize.

12 minutes: At the end of a great Hungarian figure, Zsitnyikov fired a big goal, then Bánhidi was injured.

12 minutes: Bansheid was fired for a week by Denmark, Söndergaard threw it away, 6-5.

11. minutes: In your mammals, your nails, Jakobsent, are dissolved for two minutes at seven o'clock.

10 minutes: After Jakobsen's goal, Sigurmannsson returned from the seventh success in a row, this time Bánhidi fought, 6-4

10 minutes: Bombac's invasion is not good, Denmark can come.

10 minutes: This game will be canceled and attacked by Szeged.

9 minutes: Mikkelsen got Denmark's third goal, 5-3.

8 minutes: Once again, Denmark was attacked by an empty gate, a war man. After defending Alilovic, Sostaric spun from his sixth ball and an empty ball. Too bad.

8 minutes: The first week given to Szeged, Sigurmannsson made no mistake, 5-2!

7 minutes: Jesper Konrtadsson beautifies, 4-2!

6 minutes: Källman returned the loan to Bombac, 3-1. Denmark was defeated with an empty gate, but after possession of a good ball, Maqueda was the fourth to win, 4-1!

5 minutes:There is equality, Sostaric explodes from the wind with a leap, 1-1! Indeed, after coming with Bombac, Källman will bet, 2-1!

4 minutes: Jakobsen got the first goal of the game after a good figure, 0-1.

3 minutes: Bánhidi and Blazevic have a good Hungarian defense.

2 minutes: A warning on the other side, then Maqueda opened the big gate.

1 minute: After half a minute, Källman must be warned. Directly passive by Denmark, Alilovic defended Mogensen's shot.

1 minute: Guests start at the gate at Szeged Alilovic, while guests are protected by Nielsen.

17.00: Start in moments!

16:59: Clean house in blue, guests will play on the green tops and white tops.

16:57: The BL song is pronounced.

16:55: One of the callers to the game is the voice announcer from the Szeged player. Applause and applause welcome them.

16:55: The team arrived, the first guest was green and white.

4:52 p.m.: Denmark does not have a former Veszprem enclosure, Bjarte Myrhol.

16:48: The guests had a serious tally, not having the remaining team in Denmark with Anders Eggert the Danish left-back who had been thrown a week ago.

16:45: Congratulations Our Readers The team has been warming up, soon the players arrive and the match starts!


A week ago in Denmark, Szeged defeated Skjern in 29-26 defeats, but Denmark had been in a hard style, very warlike, and Juan Carlos Pastor's team changed the game in the second half.


5:00 p.m.:
Celje (Slovenian) -PPD Zagreb (Croatia)
Zaporizhya Motorcycle (Ukraine) -Nantes (France) 30-30
Flensburg (Germany) –PSG (France) 20-27

1. Paris SG (France) 8 8 250-208 42 16
2. MOL-PICK SEGED 7 6 1 209-193 16 12
3. Nantes (France) 7 3 1 3 219-203 16 7
4. Flensburg (Germany) 8 3 5 216-217 -1 6
5. Skjern Handbold (Denmark) 7 2 1 4 194-206 -12 5
6. PPD Zagreb (Croatia) 7 2 1 4 177-196 -19 5
7. Celje PL (Slovenian) 7 2 5 176-203 -27 4
8. Zaporizsya (Ukraine) 7 1 1 5 210-225 -15 3

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