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The DVM group has three jososs slots with the B & L nmet group. The first Hungarian project design for the development of a complete and complete design of the DVM group is underway. Design and design work starts in early November, and will reach its peak in 2020.

A luxurious superior class hotel located in the East Plyaudvar neighborhood, one of the important crossroads of fvros. 312 hotel rooms connect you to 45 apartments with a plot of land on the side of Baross.The gross floor space of this project will cost 26,000 square meters. This lodge is owned by the Steigenberger Group / Deutsche Hospitality Intercity lnc vgzi.
The B & L group has watched Rogers large NMS in the lifestyle industry. In addition, they have developed a number of retail properties, offices and housing in the market there.

The DVM Group is located in East PlyaudvarnForrs: DVM group

We are pleased to announce that the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce has the opportunity to win more than 180 successful projects, Jachacho Marusczyk, Managing Director of IntercityHotel GmbH, has been responsible for the Hungarian Open: Budapest is a great place for people to explore. We are grateful that we can enrich this modern hotel centrally located with this attractive metropolis He said at the time of the project.


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