It has the location of Amazon's new headquarters


New York and Arlington will become new centers of Amazon stores, both cities provide enormous financial support to large companies.

Amazon has announced its final decision after 12 months of compiling and weighing and after Seattle

In New York Queens, and in Arlington next to Washington, but now in Virginia, to create a new headquarters.

Jeff Bezos, founder of AmazonSource: AFP / Jim Watson

The company's management believes that new centers will be established in two places to save one city from having to accommodate around 50,000 employees. In addition to New York and Arlington, 236 cities in the US have offered the Amazon to accommodate its new headquarters.

When rumors of rumors might arise, investor interest in the interest sector began to grow, for example, in Crystal City, New York, the number of visitors more than tripled, and real estate prices rose by about 7.5%.

With $ 100,000 per year, the company wants to employ a large number of computer specialists and artificial intelligence researchers and wants to open their first office in 2019.

In addition, according to the QZ website, New York State will continue to help companies approach the center easily by helicopter and if they cannot arrange a helicopter landing in a new office building, the Amazon can develop it in the surrounding area.

Corporate headquarters in SeattleSource: Getty Images / David Ryder

The investment will cost $ 5 billion, but New York – partly in the form of tax breaks, some with direct funding for job creation – will cost around $ 1.5 billion, and the State of New York will provide additional funding of $ 325 million as a replacement. The country will support web stores with $ 48,000 per job. Arlington, Virginia also encouraged Amazon to invest in pledging $ 573 million.

The giant company announced it would create a technology center in Nashville, Tennessee, which would create five thousand jobs.

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, commented on the new investment, saying that the two sites allow the company to attract world-class talent.


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