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Index – Sports – Stupid matches in the NFL: both teams go more than 50 points

It is anticipated that Monday's NFL resignation between the Heads of Kansas City and the Los Angeles Rams will be around the 1,000-degree offensive game, even the betting office has drawn more than 60 points from the total points. However, even more points are printed by the team, far more.

  • In NFL history, the first time the two teams left more than 50 points
  • The two commanders passed 400 yards
  • A total of 14 goals were made by the team, including three defenders
  • Catching Ban Hill 217 yards were blocked closing the match
  • for the first time, the team that scored at least 50 points

The whole match was like a roller coaster, for example, in the first instance, in vain, leading 13-0 on the Rams, in the mid 23 to 23 teams. The second half was really important, because a total of fifty-nine points were taken by the team. The Heads continued to try to follow the Rams, but in the end the Rams defeat of the ball made the match and decided that the Los Angeles team would win 54-51.

Rams manager Jared Goff said after winning, every time they felt that he was in the bag of victory, his opponent always returned and started doing it again, so he was truly a crazy protagonist. Goff beat 413 passes with yards and 4 goals, and did not sell the ball again. Heads of Patrick Mahomes have 478 yards, with 6 goals and 3 interception. The two leaders have almost 50 passes.

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After winning, the Rams 10-1 and Chiefs 9-2 were in the league.


Los Angeles Rams-Kansas City Chief 54-51

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