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Index – Sports – Michelisz, 7 points from first place in the WTCR after winning the race

That was very important for the WTCR Suzuki Race Weekend on Norbert Michelisz's season on Sunday, because the Hungarian racer, who lost his lead at the World Cup Touring Car on Saturday, started at the top of the inverted grid, starting first with a relatively good start in second.

In the first race, Michelisz was able to win early in the match to regain the lead, but after a great battle, he won a difficult battle with former World Champion Rob Huff at the start, and temporarily cut the Englishman, they were close to each other again at the end of the race and only three-tenths of the way in the final.

"It was a fantastic victory, but it was very, very difficult. I tried to break the leadership a little, and I did, I saw Rob [Huff] from tithing to a tenth further behind me, but he really only left his tires at the end of the race, so he could back down easily later.

It took 24 qualifying laps to win, I drove all the way across the border, and the car started to cross a little two or three times. "

Michelisz said about his victory in the first race on Sunday. He added that because the title was clear for that purpose, there was nothing he could save and he had lost everything in the second race of the weekend, which was needed by the team.

Michelisz, who made his fourth win of the year, set a 6-7 goal for the final round of the weekend, which he succeeded in increasing his position to ninth, with a relatively small battle, with only a few rounds remaining. from Jean-Karl Vernay.

First-place leader Johan Kristoffersson – similar to Michelisz's previous races – had a winning start to finish, behind Tiago Monteiro and Esteban Guerrieri for Honda's double podium at the weekend home race behind the safety car race.

When Guerrieri, who took first place on Saturday in the championship, took 10th and 2nd place on Sunday, Michel closed with a race win and 9th place, with Guerrieri leading the line again with two race weekends before the end of the season . previous. Guerreiri took second place from Monteiro with the team's instructions inside Honda at this stage of the season, without which he would only have a three-point advantage. Monteiro was only fourth, after Kevin Ceccon was able to overtake in the penultimate round.

On Sunday, another Hungarian WTCR pilot Attsi Tassi, who finished third in the 11th race, was very competitive, but was eventually eliminated from the scoring position and only ranked 18th.

The Macau race (November 14-17) and Malaysia (December 13-15) have been fought fiercely, because there is almost no difference between Guerrieri and Michelisz in the lead, with serious lags but not impossible behind two of Lynk & Co's top players, Thed Björk and Yvan Muller, among them Cyan Racing might have to determine the order of the team. Here are the leaderboards:

  1. Esteban Guerrieri (Honda) – 288 points
  2. Michelisz Norbert (Hyundai) – 281
  3. Thed Björk (Lynk & Co.) – 243
  4. Yvan Muller (Lynk & Co.) – 238

Continue in three weeks on one of the most difficult tracks (roads) in the world, Macau.

First Sunday race results

The results of the second Sunday race

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