Index – Sport – László Cseh thanks FINA for destroying everything


International Aquatic Sports Federation, FINA threatens: The Italian Swimming Association has not held an Energy for Swim 2018 competition on December 20-21. In the two-day event, a total of $ 2.1 million (580 million forints) will be distributed among swimmers, including Laszlo Cseh, Long Katinka and Dávid Verrasztó taking part in the event.

All I can say is this, thanks to FINA. Instead of completing it, he just wants to punish him again and start a good start. They sit on horses: we are not for FINA, but for us. If we want to compete, they don't decide otherwise

– quotes László Cseh as, who missed the short track world championship, so he will be very happy to compete at the end of December.

FINA warned 209 members in the summer not to cooperate with organizers of international competitions, who could become rivals of the World Cup, and threatened to ban swimmers who had been involved in the race for up to two years.


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