Index – Economy – With the most beautiful announcement from the last 8 years, let Nyerges the Transporter to Lőrinc Mészáros partner


On Friday we reported that it was announced at an extraordinary meeting that owner Nyerges Zsolt sold Utilities to László Szíjj, the government-backed Asphalt Danube. For several years, Public Machinery became the flagship of Kingdom Simicska, especially during receiving many state orders. However, the performance of construction companies fell sharply after the relationship between Lajos Simicska and Viktor Orbán became unclear.

Zsolt Nyerges announced the news on Saturday afternoon with a very good documentary piece:

"The business transaction was completed successfully, professional investors continue to operate KÖGGES

Transactions for the previous period have been successfully closed. An investor can only assess the purchase or sale of a business on a business basis, and I feel I'm fine, and I have made professional and commercially successful transactions.

I consider KÖZGÉP sales to be a very effective and profitable business decision.

Danube Asphalt has long been known about the market and I am happy to find excellent professional investors. Their access gives you the opportunity to continue your skills at KÖGGÉP and ensure the continuity of the company's operations. I hope new owners become as successful as us! "

Zsolt Nyerges took the Lajos Simicska empire in the summer, and then it was possible to suspect that the company had not stopped him, during the Mezor period. Zrt. Found in the L dalamrinc Mészáros circle. The founders of László Szíjj and Lőrinc Mészáros also came together in a Croatian real estate developer company and as private persons. In October, for example, they were together in London in the Chelsea-Videoton match.


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