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Index – Domestic – Gergely Gulyás gets ashamed of acting, completing it strangely

Every year, the Hungarian Church Ecumenical Council holds a one-month program in October, the month of the Reformation. According to tradition, Luther nailed his belongings to the gate of Wittenberg Castle Church in late October.

The special twist of the story is that, for their gala night on Sunday in Urania, Gergely Gulyás had long come down for the minister's speech. However, they could not expect that one week after the election, the processing of the Borkai phenomenon would become a very warm public problem. It is therefore very interesting what is considered important by Gulyás in this situation to inform the participants of the Christian night gala.

We know very little about enemies, but it's scary

In his speech, Gulyás generally praised the Reformation as a start, based on the MTI summary. He then proceeded to attack, because a mysterious group attacked Christianity and European democracy, and a war against them. On the one hand, we know that they are not found, behind the "existing and conscious power factor".

In addition, they want to destroy all existing cultures with the deconstruction password. It is said that all cultures that have been built up in the history of humanity are the result of oppression, so it is best to destroy it.

According to Guylás, this group seeks to destroy institutions, states, and destroy communities within families, nations and churches; it must be destroyed so that culture is replaced by "culture of rejection, faith is replaced by ideology, truth is replaced by narration."

The quality of a good team is different

In his view, those who, in accordance with the opening of the Hungarian Basic Law, declare and represent the role of Christianity in preserving the nation, are on their way to public life;

"However, we can say with certainty that removing the blades or shifting the blades is not the same as disobeying standards and eliminating standards that are fundamentally different," he explained in language of little interest.

But what does Gulyás say now?

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    This whole text is not to be understood, but to be felt

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    His group has moral standards and the others do not have moral standards, and those that are already there will be destroyed

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    Not gas, for example. Borkai, anyone can break the bar, more importantly, he is on the right track in public life

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    What we need to do is proclaim and represent the Christian forces that preserve the nation,

In addition, hypocrisy and lies can be accounted for by those who, say, different religions or think differently, and Gulyas must live with it. According to MTI, the minister said that representatives of public Christian democracy must fulfill the demands of those who did not accept it as existing, correct or must be followed.

Finally, he said in a more solid tone, community leaders may not even announce how much they are Christians. Either it's clear or disgusting. In Goulash's words, as a public figure, testimony is important in certain situations, but if someone takes part in daily life in Hungary, it is at least as important to show through his actions what he believes in, or whether he has a higher value that he have. .

If there is such a value, it is excessive to emphasize your faith every day, and if not, it is not only excessive but also very counter-productive – added Gergely Gulyás.

After Gulyás, Reformed Bishop József Steinbach, President of the Hungarian Church Ecumenical Council, welcomed the agreement. Then Katalin Nagy, President of the Protestant Journalist Association, was awarded Literary Ferenc Vitéz, who is a journalist and professor at Debrecen Theological University.

The winner has 50 volumes and is published almost every day in Magyar Hírlap. Vitéz wrote an article about the latter, for example, where he read that the acceptance of gays infects the public, or here he thinks that the Evil works behind the European Parliament.

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