In a positive international atmosphere, BUX is closed


Stock market turnover is HUF 16.6 billion, and leading stock prices vary compared to the previous day's closing.

József Miró, senior analyst at Erste Investment Ltd on the current M1 channel, said the BUX index was closed by 0.4 percent, but it was higher during the day. The closure of the Hungarian market fits the international image. For example, the German DAX is 1.1% at the close of the BSE, while the S & P 500 index in the United States is 0.2 percent plus. The main analyst emphasized that the Hungarian market was high enough to reach 16.6 billion forints, 50 percent higher than the average annual average, mostly generated by OTP. In addition, Hungarian banknotes were able to increase well, while other shares were mixed, he added.

Mol weakened by the 36th Ft, down 1.19 percent to 2,978 forints, with a turnover of 1.9 billion forints.

OTP shares grew by HUF 300, 2.73 percent to HUF 11,300 and their turnover amounted to HUF 11.6 billion.

The Magyar Telekom exchange rate increased by HUF 3, 0.75 percent to HUF 405 and its turnover was HUF 225.5 million.

The price of Richter paper fell by 90 forints, 1.68 percent to 5260 forints and their turnover reached 1.5 billion forints.

BUMIX at 3699.65 points closed on Tuesday, an increase of 18.48 points 0.50 percent compared to Monday's close.



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