Saturday , October 23 2021

FIFA Gala: You can vote for the best for three more days


Unlike France Football, the International Football Association (FIFA) still gave the best award last year this year. In the case of the best male player, the best male goalkeeper and the best male coach (also) the national team captain, the national team captain, the elected media representatives, the fans’ votes (which can be given on the FIFA website) are also counted. Apart from Marco Rossi and Ádám Szalai, National Sports staff member Mátyás Szeli will vote in this category, and this year our paper has also decided to ask readers for advice before voting in Hungary.

This year’s gala will be online like never before (Photo: AFP, 2019)

Voting will run until December 9, the list of finalists in the category will be announced, and a virtual awards ceremony will take place on December 17. Voters should consider the period from 20 July 2019 to 7 October 2020.

Jury members must not reveal their voices until the final results are presented, nor can we promise our staff to vote on what most of our readers recommend.

As is known, this online gala event will be awarded the Puskás Prize for goals this year, in this case the three most beautiful will be selected from FIFA’s penalty list based on fans’ votes, 50% of the votes will be in the final and 50% in the final. voices of experts invited by the organization.

Who do you think should be the player this year at FIFA?

Who do you think should be the best goalkeeper of the year at FIFA?

Who do you think should be the best FIFA coach this year?

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