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European Women’s Handball Championship: Serbia-Hungary – UFO


The Hungarian women’s handball team will continue their participation in the European Championships in Denmark against Denmark, which took a bold win on Saturday. Join the meeting with our live coverage!


SERBIA-HUNGARY (Television: Sports1)


28. Inflators are blown into Trifunovics.
27. Riszovics Luke he also protected his shot, but seconds later he was helpless. 10–18
Passively, they ended up getting lost.
25. Klujber shoots at goal.
25. Stoiljkovics cover Helembait, two minutes.
25. Tomori blocks one, the Schatzl girl misses, but stays with us.
They just gave up on the 7 on 6 game.
24. Háfra on the pitch, he comes in and he scores goals too. 10–17
24. Trifunovics shoot through the middle. 10–16
23. Szöllősi-Zácsik scores the ball, Lover starts and then shoots into the empty gate. 9–16
22. Pop-Lazics turned to her husband, Luke and now he’s shooting in goal. 9–15
The referee saved Liscsevics’ kick but Lakatos could not finish the counter attack.
21. Luke shoot from the right edge to the short. 9–14
20. Klujber took the lead, but the goalkeeper saved him. Judge blocked one but Krpezs-Slezák he already shot the doorman. 9–13
Lischevich shot him late in a long, passive attack.
19. Klujber beat that man, that was also the goal. 8–13
18. The Nikolics stitch is also protected by Judge.
18. Szöllősi-Zácsik pull it back up short. 8–12
17. Trifunovics he took out a spider from the top left. 8–11
16. The Bonaventure brothers took it from Kovacsic.
15. Krpezs-Slezák fought seven, but Hakim held on Lischevic shot!
15. Schatzl shoot from the left edge. 7–11
14. Trifunovics the shot ends at the bottom right. 7–10
14. The Serbs asked for time.
14. Lischevics tore up the bar, Szöllősi-Zácsik and she enters beautifully. You’ve scored five goals! 6–10
13. Pop-Lazics break through hard, Lover he answered immediately. 6–9
13. Szöllősi-Zácsik up, the cannon on the top right. 5–8
12. Again, but now seven now gets Lischevich. Krpezs-Slezák he didn’t hit the gate.
11. Liscsevics’ shot is defended by the Jury, but Klujber makes it through.
10. Stoiljkovics failed, Schatzl’s spirits missed, but Tóvizi made it up, seven. Klujber confident again. 5–7
9. Tomasevics defended Szöllősi-Zácsik’s shot, but the keeper Lover shoots. 5–6
8. Klujber sells, Radoszavljevics and equalize. 5–5
7. The Kovacsics theft is protected by Tomasevics, Trifunovics and he hurried. 4–5
7. Radoszavljevics shot from the left edge to the short. 3–5
6. Szöllősi-Zácsik he shot left over nine. 2–5
6. Pop-Lazics’ punch is saved by the Jury, but he comes out the side, and they enter.
5. Kovacsics she climbs well and smashes right over. 2–4
5. Pop-Lazics now he entered the gate from the stop. 2–3
4. Lischevics after a bad pass Szöllősi-Zácsik managed to break through. 1–3
3. Ziccer Krpezs protected by a Judge, Kovacsics and from the whole field, he shoots into empty net. 1–2
2. … Trifunovics and he even sat for two minutes.
2. Szöllősi-Zácsik effective after lifting … 1–1
2. There was no goal from Szöllősi-Zácsik’s shot, but Krpezs-Slezák couldn’t catch it on the other side either.
1. We sell fast, Pop-Lazics rush in and get past the keeper. 1–0
1. The Hungarian team starts, Judge at the gate.
According to the news, there will be at least 6 months of downtime …
The hymns sound, we’ll get started right away.
Greetings to our dear readers! The Hungarian handball team’s second match at the European Women’s Championship is about to kick off.


Serbia can only nominate 14 players for the world match against the Netherlands which was postponed to Saturday due to coronavirus infection, added in the first half. Andrea Lekicset also lost. About the classic commander, the federal captain, Ljubomir Obradovics he provided so much information after the match that he may have partially ruptured the Achilles tendon, but an accurate diagnosis can only be made after Sunday’s examination.

“There have been a lot of serious injuries among the top handball players in recent years. We don’t know exactly what the problem is, it’s related to training or weights, but something needs to be done. This was exacerbated by the closure due to the coronavirus epidemic this year, but I hope we don’t see more serious injuries on Eb again. “ Obradovic commented at the press conference.

“We had a lot of problems in Serbia and then in Denmark, and then we lost the Lekics, so my team is highly praised for reacting to this situation and beating the world champions.” – said the Serbian federal captain, who was accompanied by a postnatal Rostov certificate, who previously played at Érd. Katarina Krpezs-Slezak is.

“Every player is important to us, it’s hard to see Andrea injured and in pain. We also fight for it and others who are missing The right winger said extraordinary, adding that it was not easy for them to enter the pitch after they had been unable to leave their room for the previous two days.

Serbia switched to attack with seven players on the field in the second half (which proved to be a winning tactic), in which Krpezs also played a major role: “We played this tactic many times at last year’s World Cup. Now we only played in the second half so our opponents couldn’t react during the break. Even though there was only one stop in our frame, our team captain completed the task without a problem. “ Obradovic pointed to Krpez who was sitting next to him.

We also have to be prepared for these Serbian attack tactics and distractions used in defense. It may be an advantage that Serbia only has 18 hours remaining until Sunday afternoon’s game.

“Last year we did the same thing in Japan, we played a good match with Norway, and then sixteen hours later we had to go back on the pitch and do a bad job against the Netherlands. Obradovic answers questions about National Sports. – We Serbs love to celebrate the win for a day, but we also grieve for the day after the defeat. Apart from this, we will give our all against Hungary, we want to take the four points with us to the semifinals. This match will also be important due to the qualification for the March Olympics. I am not surprised by the defeat that Hungary suffered to Croatia, Croatia defended well. Last year in South Korea, we defended against the Hungarians in the same way and caused them a lot of headaches.

The Serbs were also picked up by Danish TV expert Bent Nyegaard, who believes that our southern neighbors, who also have a positive pattern at the team hotel, should be sent home to prevent the spread of infection.

“To be honest, I was very angry and frustrated He reacted into the Danish Tv2 microphone Krisztina Liscsevics. – I know a lot of people think of Serbs as cheaters and do bad things. But the Serbs will never give up on cheating when it comes to health. Second, I want to thank Bent for giving us great motivation for the game against Holland. If someone misrepresents our country, we give our all to prove it wrong and we are not what people believe us. We are normal people who love handball and want to represent their country in the best possible way. “

Lischevich did not understand why they did not speak out against the Romanian who had also come to Denmark and also produced a positive test. “We also have the right to survive in the tournament. We have done a lot of tests on me, I personally have had five negative tests in a row. Why don’t I have the right to play? “

Goalkeeper Szombathely, Katarina Tomasevics, left winger from Vác, Sanja Radoszavljevich and Snya Radoszavljevic Apart from them, the previous six teams have appeared in Hungary NB I, so the two teams know each other very well. We can’t catch up to the South Slavs, who did well at last year’s World Championships in a betting match, with whom the Hungarian band will also meet in the Olympic qualifiers in Győr next March.

Our national team last started the European Championship with a win in 2010. Slovenia was defeated ten years ago (28-19); In 2012, it was Croatia who tinkered with us at the opening of the group stage (27-28); In 2014, we started the semi-domestic tournament with a draw against Russia (29-29), in 2016 the Czechs gave a lesson (22-27); and two years ago the Netherlands won the first round (25-28).

Opponent: SERBIA
don’t participate
Vb: 2. (2013), 6. (2019) – 4 participation
Eb: 4. (2012), 9. (2016) – 7 participation
Against the Hungarian balance: 5 matches, 3 wins, 2 losses, 164-153 on goal difference
Last fight against each other: November 25, 2019, Seoul, preparation match
Serbia-Hungary 25–23 (13–10). Best Hungarian pitcher: Klujber 8, Márton G. 3

1. Serbia 1 1 29–25 +4 2
2. Croatia 1 1 24–22 +2 2
3. HUNGARY 1 1 22–24 –2 0
4. The Netherlands 1 1 25–29 –4 0

December 8 (Tuesday), 20.30: Dutch-Hungarian (Television: Sport1, live on NSO)

Goalkeeper: Judge Blanka (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungary), Janurik Kinga (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungary), Melinda Szikora (Siófok KC)
Far right: Dorottya Faluvégi (Győr Audi ETO), Lukács Viktória (Győr Audi ETO)
Right wing: Klára Csiszár-Szekeres (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungary), Katrin Klujber (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungary), Zsuzsanna Tomori (Siófok KC)
Manager: Anikó Kovacsics (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungary), Rita Lakatos (NKSE Váci), Eszter Tóth (Motherson Mosonmagyaróvár)
Adjustments: Pásztor Noémi (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungary), Petra Tóvizi (DVSC Schaeffler), Fanny Helembai (NKSE Váci)
Ballers: Noémi Háfra (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungary), Gréta Kácsor (NKSE Vác), Szandra Szöllősi-Zácsik (MTK Budapest)
Far left: Márton Gréta (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungary), Schatzl Nadine (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungary)
Federal Captain:Gábor Danyi, Gábor Elek
Players in italics were not included in the frame of the match against Croatia.

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