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BREAKING: Verstappen takes off in Mexico!

A very interesting situation arises after the Mexican Grand Prix qualification training, regardless of whether Max Verstappen he could have won the pole with both rounds. Because it happened Valtteri Bottas at the end of Q3 he made a mistake and stepped into the wall with Mercedes. At that time, there was a double yellow flag, one of the most serious warnings, and everyone had to take back an important part of the course. The rule is that in this case the driver must slow down so that he can stop at any time, in the shortest possible time.

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Dr Helmu Marko told AMUS Germany that the yellow flag phase did not appear through a digital system, so that the phase did not light up on the Verstappen steering wheel. However, television pictures prove that the accident had a yellow "analog" flag flying around and the question on the paddock was why the timer was not immediately stopped with a red flag, which would be as safe as possible. This will save the sport from a lot of controversy.

The Austrian rider added that Verstappen was so close to Bottas that he did not have time to react in the qualification rounds when competitors were just in front of them and communicating with their engineers. It is true that the electronic panel is broken, which also shows no signal, but this is irrelevant because if a manual flag is present, it is valid. This was also explained by Ron Meadows, manager of the Mercedes team.

Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing, and Helmut Marko, Consultant, Red Bull Racing

Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing, and Helmut Marko, Consultant, Red Bull Racing

Photo by Jerry Andre / Motorsport Pictures

The Ferrari team boss said it would be surprising if Verstappen could get away with this, which would set a precedent, because they thought Red Bull riders did not reduce speed significantly, despite what signals existed. Vettel and Hamiltonn, who followed the Netherlands, retreated significantly. For Germany it was a difference of two and a half decimal places, for England one difference at the time.

Sebastian Vettel, who was in front of Verstappen, said he clearly saw the warning and people were competing to help Bottas. The Ferrari pilot brought it back in sequence and manner. While Verstappen said he did not take gas, the FIA ​​said there was no initial investigation into the Dutch case.

Not long after, official confirmation came that they expected an explanation from Verstappen, because the controversy was very serious, but clearly telemetry was far more fluent than competitors could say. In addition to Verstappen, a Red Bull representative was also present at the hearing.

At the end of the investigation, the FIA ​​decided to give Verstappen three penalty points and two penalty points. This means that Leclerc gets to the pole right in front of Vettel, so there is no disruption for the big Italians, because they have had all the starters since the end of summer vacation. Like Japan, they can start the race from the best place, only now in reverse order and with far better chances, especially if they don't break the first meter this time. This is Leclerc's 7th start in his career, taking him confidently to qualifying this year.

The judge reported that Verstappen did not see the yellow flag waving on the left side of the field. Even though, when he repeated in front of the judges, he realized that Bottas had an accident and that the waving yellow flag was clearly visible and ordered, Verstappen did not slow down. The servants specifically highlighted the statement of Vettel, who had arrived at the scene before the Dutch and, according to the rules, had slowed down significantly.

Max Verstappen was able to try the legendary masterpiece, and the 1.5-liter V12 engine gave the Honda RA272 F1 a taste of the Dutch golden age.

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