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Because of the incredible heat, OMSZ has made a difference

For the fourth day in a row, hot records broke out in Hungary, the Hungarian Meteorological Agency said.

Photo: / Dániel Szabó

Daily warm records broke again, reaching 28.2 degrees on Wednesday in Dombegyháza County Békés, the Hungarian Meteorological Service (OMSZ) said on Facebook.

On Wednesday morning, the national record and highest minimum temperature capital broke. As of now, on October 23, 2013, Pestszentlőrinc has the lightest dawn, at 16.3 degrees Celsius. Now, however, the air has cooled to only 16.5 degrees in the coldest hours in the capital city of Bukit János.

The maximum temperature record in the capital is 24.9 degrees so far, which was also recorded in 2013 at Pestszentlőrinc. Now at pjpest, the temperature is one and a half degrees warmer, with the temperature rising to 26.4 degrees.

The national record for today is also 2013, at 27.3 degrees in Baja. The new record is in Dombegyháza County Békés, where the air warms up to 28.2 degrees on Wednesday.

The warmth is expected to be a little moderate over the weekend, with the cold front marked next Monday carrying around 15 degrees Celsius.

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