Tuesday , July 27 2021

Balatonfüred won the men's EHF handball cup

Balatonfüred KSE won the home of Czech champion Baník Karviná on Sunday in the men's EHF Handball Cup qualifier in the first round of the 3rd round.

qualification, 3rd round, first leg:
Baník Karviná (Republik) -Balatonfüredi KSE 33-34 (16-20)
the most successful player on Balatonfred: Sita 8, Topic 7, Mathematics 4, Hornyák, Szemenyov, Keras 3-3

Despite a remarkable start from the start of the match, the Hungarian team started well (1-4), most of which succeeded in internal posts. The 42-year-old goalkeeper, Nándor Fazekas, presented a number of joys, but after that, the attacking game from Hungary became faster and more accurate, so catching up (10-11).

István Csoknyai asked for a driver's time, and after a while he was still at work, but Balatonfront was very adapted to the style of his opponent, and by leading Petar Topic in the Croatian stands, four goals lead to another break (16-20).

The Karviná attacked his net keeper, creating a dominant position, and with a 5-1 set at the start of the second half he tightened again (23-24). The Hungarian successor, Dániel B ,sz, performed well, thanks to this and an accurate pause, who had to join hands for one minute for one minute and for 15 seconds in a triple maneuver, but made it through this period.

Zoltán Szita won the Balatonfüred goal, but the last three were Czechs, so Hungary only won the minimum difference.

Rebound will be held next week, the Combat Combat winner will be in the group stage of 16 teams.

Grundfos Tatabánya KC – OCI-LIONS (Netherlands) 14.30

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