Deaths have set records in recent days, with Sunday’s data slightly better.

Coronavirus – second wave, second closure

Slower than many expected, but in mid-November, the Hungarian government also decided to try to curb a second wave of the coronavirus epidemic by imposing restrictions. By the time the decision was made, five thousand new infections each day had been identified, and the death toll from the virus was mostly between 50 and 100 within 24 hours. The first step is partial closure, but it is questionable how effective it will be. Follow our news!

New coronavirus (COVID-19) infections were detected in 6,697 new Hungarians, increasing the number of infections identified to 250,278. The majority of the 162 deaths were elderly, chronic patients, bringing the death toll to 5,868.

There are 7,709 coronavirus patients being treated in hospital, 656 of whom are on ventilators. Compared to Saturday, the number of patients hospitalized has increased slightly.

The number of people who have recovered also continues to increase, currently it is known that 71,682 people, the number of people who are actively infected is 172,728. 19% who were actively infected, 22% who died and 24% who recovered came from Budapest.

In the tests conducted, the proportion that was positive was 28.2 percent.

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