A shop opened in Auchan in Sopron


Date: 2018. 11. 07. 11:27

The second largest supermarket opened in Sopron in Auchan. The new accessible store, which is the fourth edition of the company's business launch, is awaiting customers with a wide selection of food, home appliances and online ordering from November 7th.

Since then in Budapest, Auchan has been waiting for customers at the Supermarket in Sopron. In addition to fresh food, seasonal and non-food products, including home furnishings, also available in supermarkets covering 3,000 square meters in Sopron Plaza. So, monthly purchases and daily purchases can be easily carried out by families in one place.

There is also a snack bar in a complete market and shop atmosphere, offering sandwiches, baked goods and coffee on-site to be consumed and taken home. For those who buy the comfort of your home, you can request home delivery from various online store networks. Ordered products will soon be available at the store too.

– We are pleased to introduce our first department store in Sopron, Hungary, to our large supermarket, which is called the new business concept superstore, which will give our customers a higher standard of service through modern commercial tools and online trading. "Fabi Attila, from Sopron, said at the inauguration ceremony, head of the department store.

– Sopron is a city that boasts proud and dynamic values, which, thanks to government resources, have launched significant investments. This development has an impact on the service sector too, and our goal is to provide more opportunities for people who live here. We welcome the opening of Auchan in Sopron, and we are very interested in the company's efforts to involve entrepreneurs and farmers in the Sopron supply chain and its regions as much as possible – added Dr. Tamás Fodor, Mayor of Sopron.

"We worked successfully in several cities in Hungary, thanks to the fact that in Auckland, Auckland, the first stores in the Indotek Group portfolio were also available," said Dániel Jellinek, CEO and majority owner of Indotek Group, which owns Sopron Plaza. "The reconstruction of the shopping center this year has also been made more attractive for the facility. As part of the investment, we have begun renovating buildings on the exterior facade, and starting in January we will continue the work by updating the interior. In addition, we have successfully completed several tenant agreements only in recent months, we are confident that thanks to this investment, Sopron Plaza will become a popular shopping area in Sopron.

The new store format, introduced in Budapest, this spring in Budapest, this spring offers better access to hypermarkets than hypermarkets, but offers them a variety of durable food choices.

Auchan currently operates 19 hypermarkets, 18 gas stations, 3 supermarkets and 2 superstore supermarkets, and an online store in Hungary.


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