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The Golden Horse Awards involve the political turmoil of China's official internet users who are low-profile boils – News – Rti Central Radio Station

The Golden Horse Awards involve the political turmoil of China's official internet users who are low-profile boils – News – Rti Central Radio Station

  • Time: 2018-11-18 14:29
  • News excerpt: Central News Agency
  • Written editor: Huang Qilin

Golden Horse award "politically".

Taiwan Director Fu Yi's statement on "truly independent individuals" triggered the Chinese government to order relevant film reviews. Mainland Chinese residents and entertainers expressed their patriotism. No one is curious about the best drama "Elephants sitting on the ground".

This year's Golden Horse Award winner for the Best Documentary, "Our Youth, in Taiwan," Fu Xiaode, said: "I hope our country can be treated as a truly independent individual."

The interpretation of "interpretation of Taiwan's independence" into "Taiwanese independence" makes mainland Chinese artists themselves. Last year, he won the Golden Horse Award and watched the film "Goddess of Mercy Blood", Taiwan director Yang Yazhen took the stage to revoke the towel "No one is outsider" They hurriedly said "China Taiwan", the cancellation of Gong Li's award was extended to "There is no word of protest." "."

The Chinese film industry once again provoked sensitive nerves on both sides of the strait. After the mainland Chinese portal website broadcast a message to Fu Wei, the image was suddenly interrupted. After that, Hong Kong media reported that SARFT, the Central Propaganda Department, the Internet Information Office and other departments of SARFT, which strictly controlled control, had told the media to filter news and information related to the Golden Horse Awards.

On Sina Weibo, many mainland Chinese netizens sent messages to Fu Wei, and even though they were immediately deleted, netizens continued to discuss. At the time of the press, "Gong Lie rejected the award" news by Sina Weibo, had 2.58 million searches, and the rest "China cannot be lacking" and "Tao Jingying" was also in the top 5 searches.

Removal of the Internet causes "emotions" to be difficult to vent. From the afternoon of the 17th, the map "China can't be lacking", which was popular two years ago because of a dispute in the South China Sea, was reported on the Internet. Not only many mainland artists reposted, but Fan Bingbing, who was severely punished for tax evasion, also changed this image, which was called "irregular lubrication" by netizens.

From the message of netizens on mainland China, it can be seen that nationalist sentiments are high. Under the news "Gong Lie refused to award", many netizens commented on Gong Li's "domination" and "patriotism". More netizens seem open-minded: "Even though Gong Li is Singaporean citizenship, I am still convinced. People are not even Chinese, but they are willing to become motherland."

As for media reports in mainland China, Baidu used the "Golden Horse Award for Taiwanese independence" as a keyword search. The main headlines are: "Gong Li refused to give awards, mainland film respondents were highly praised", "The last film singer remembers, Gong Li refused to give gifts", "Li An is the most embarrassing", etc., Content is mostly reproduced by various news platforms, and the resemblance is high.

Interestingly, mainland Chinese films have won awards at the Golden Horse Award, but it is rare for Chinese media to investigate the reason, not to mention the "home country" factor behind the winning films, such as the most valued "Elephant" drama. Sitting on the ground, no one wants to know why the elephant sits on the ground.

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