Monday , June 21 2021

MMA 2020︱BTS BTS 6 Miss 1 Attends Singer of Decolorized Pneumonia Diagnosed All “Appears” -Hong Kong 01

  1. MMA 2020︱BTS BTS 6 missing 1 to attend bleaching pneumonia confirmed singer “appeared”Hong Kong 01
  2. [Ada film dan gambar]BTS personally designs accessories for game characters! The final draft given by the painter caused the members to exclaim one after another: “This is really great!”KSD Korea Star
  3. [Penghargaan Honeydew]BTS catches 6 crown winners, “Native Dialect Love Story”, seduces Cao Zhengxiu to win the original soundtrack award and plays the second wife of the flash song.Taiwan Apple Daily
  4. 2020 MMA︱BTS BTS sweeps 6 prizes, winner Chengda RM sighs in frustration by the epidemicHong Kong 01
  5. BTS BTS has topped charts on BLACKPINK’s “Annual Billboard Bills” and NCT’s album is also on the charts!KSD Korea Star
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