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RecentlyAnnounce pregnancy for 4 months, there isfrom

The media asked her ex-husband to dawn, but there was no response at dawn. Gaile8from

While attending the program at night, he said, "It doesn't matter, you can't expect everyone to respond to other people's business." Asked if he would ask Dawn for a classic woman?Gaile from

ExpressiveNo, "I am taking a prenatal care course. If I see her daughter's shoes beautiful, I will ask where she should buy, but I will not ask her to make up.BBfrom

Things. "

Zeng Longyang is not worried about influencing breastfeeding

Gaile, who was pregnant for the first time, said she was happy and nervous, saying that BB would be born at Easter next April. He said that her husband had stopped drinking and nightlife since this summer, and that food was light and finally made people successful. Gaile said: "After next week, we will know the sex of the fetus. Obviously not abortion. I prefer girls, can be closer to me, can dress up for her, and my husband is not a problem. But I hope most BBs are healthy!"

GaileSaying that the pregnancy is not too uncomfortable, the weight only increases2.5kg. He did not decide to return to the United States or live in Hong Kong for shipping, but he hoped to try water production. Even though he had undergone breast enlargement surgery a few years ago, he then returned to nature with "bombing".GaileSaying that the medicine is Changming, don't worry about the future will have an impact on breastfeeding.

Le Jier announced that he had been pregnant for 4 months, and his ex-husband had not responded at dawn. (online image)

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