Monday , July 26 2021

2018 Test the iPad Pro engine: easily scratched, the body is very "crismatic"! | Qooah

In 2018, the new iPad Pro has a full screen design, round LCD screen, and body thickness of only 5.9 mm, which is a huge increase in performance compared to the previous generation, while its appearance is very bright. Recently, however, foreign netizens broke the news that the new iPad Pro was easily bent into a backpack because of its thin body. In response to this situation, the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything released the new iPad Pro test 测试 this week.

The tablet pen is clearly more than a traditional laptop in terms of thickness and hardness. So, can the new iPad Pro survive a collision that is difficult to avoid for everyday use?

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JerryRig All have been tested for anti-scratch and anti-bending on the new iPad Pro in engine testing. The conclusions they achieved are not ideal, the new iPad Pro is quite fragile, the outer frame painting is easily scratched, and the smooth back is also easily scratched which is difficult to repair, the most important is too thin. The thickness of the fuselage causes the device to bend too easily. Testers can easily bend the new iPad Pro under the power of both hands.

In addition, JerryRigEverything says that the 10.5 2017 iPad Pro's body strength is not ideal in 2017, but the iPad Pro 2018 is by far the thinnest iPad model. It seems that users must take care of the new iPad Pro.

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