Sunday , January 24 2021

Watch LIFE: Light, Molotov, and barricades in Exarchia

Molotov and stone episodes outside GADA after the 45th anniversary of the Polytechnic rebellion – Police officers responded with tear gas – They crossed the Polytechnic door with a rail – Eight adulteries

Extensive episodes are underway in the Exarchia area: Not long after the end of the 45th anniversary of the Polytechnic revolution, the first major outbreak occurred outside GADA on Alexandras Avenue, where protesters threw stones and other objects against police, reportedly at least one injury .

At almost the same time in Exarchia, anti-authoritarian with the basement of historic Polytechnic buildings began building barricades, while the first Molotovies on Stournari Street fell shortly afterwards.
The episode has now been extended to Patisia, while the bow has been turned on. Molotoves fell in the rain, while police forces made extensive use of chemicals.
From GADA, eight suspects claimed to have participated in the episode.

Shortly before eight o'clock in the evening anti-authoritarian railroad cut off the Polytechnic Gate.
The police use water trucks, which from Patrol pour water into the Polytechnic. The anti-authoritarian targets the vehicle, so the power of the MAT is brought to an effort to repel the hood.

Episode in Alexandras



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