Twenty-four hours ADEDY strike tomorrow


Congratulations at 11:00, at Klauthmonos Square tomorrow, ADEDY will be held. In the mobilization center are salaries and insurance for civil servants

ADEDY conducted a 24-hour national strike on November 14 and held a meeting at 11:00 at Klafthmonos Square. At the center of mobilization is the issue of wages and insurance for civil servants.

In particular, ADEDY claims:

"Increasing wages and pensions. Calculation of two in 2016 and 2017 in wage development. New salaries for 2019, which will gradually restore income, will lift injustice and return salaries to 13 and 14.

Elimination of the Belarusian Act (Law 4387/16) concerning insurance. Gradual rehabilitation of all pensions. Untaxed at 12,000 euros. Delete ENFIA. Reduce VAT rates to 15%.

Permanent staff recruitment to cover all organizational gaps (Education, Health, Local Government, Social Security, Social Services, etc.). Flexible work removal, rented and played. Work is steady and stable for all.

Expansion, increase and non-reduction by any worker from the dangerous and unhealthy work allowances he received today. Expanding heavy-unhealthy institutions to the State with favorable regulations regarding pensions and working hours. Get Health and Safety measures at work.

Revocation of Gerovassilis amendments (Article 24A of Law 4396/2016) for evaluation. Continue to never give up. Evaluation does not have to be punitive, not related to salary assessment and development, not to dismissal, but to improve skills with lifelong training and learning. To be considered only for executive elections in the State with measurable objective criteria, which will put the right person in the right place.

Not in the privatization of public organizations, social services, and the commercialization of social goods. Not in public property transfers to the Supermarket. Increased social spending for Health, Education, Insurance, Social Protection, and the Environment.

There is no auction of housing and property for workers who have proven unable to pay. Delete 50% + 1 provisions for strike decisions. Elimination of all memorandum laws ".


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