This is a Yannis Makris player: Cast-frame his movements


A young man, a very agile and cool player, who does not hesitate to shoot again and again and gives free shots. This is the profile of Yannis Makris's killer in Voula, as now seen from the high-definition camera that recorded the murder.

Cool players wearing black jockeys, sports jackets and black trousers. The actor used a gun with a silencer, because no one among them heard the shot, and so was the picture.

From the frame it also seems to know that there is a camera at certain points and does not look up, caring to hide his face. Also, it was clear that he woke up, he waited for Makris to leave the house to execute him. The killers, because they are considered as a support group, have mapped the area, know how to go, where to wait for the car or engine to accept the perpetrator.

The authorities thoroughly examine the video and gather as much information about the killer's profile. From the first evidence, they appear as professional players who watch victims carefully. This was one of the occasions when some people hired a murderer who went abroad or hiding for some time until the situation was calm.

Professional blows also showed the dampers used, while in similar cases the perpetrators chose Kalashnikovs which made a lot of noise. "Quiet" weapons make sense in areas that are closed and jammed. They want to kill him and leave without stopping anyone who hears the shot.

The choice of points for the attack seems to be knocking people on the night that happens most often in the car even though in this case the killer chooses a quiet place away from busy roads.

The murder scene only lasted five seconds. Slayer threw the first shot from the side of the co-driver and the 46-year-old man tried to get out of his small black car. Indeed, the camera captures the sparkle of the first shot.

Makris tried to ask for help but the killer changed direction and before Yiannis Makris took two to three steps, he shot him again from a very close distance.

The killer was seen to see if the victim had died and walking disappeared.

The 46-year-old man died on the road with one key in the car and the other in his cell.
This material is in the hands of the police officer who sees it, frame.

The tragic irony is the fact that when they reached the point of killing the 46-year-old police officer it was hit continuously when his colleagues waited for him at the inauguration of his new company.


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