They clean with the same toilet, cup and cloth basin


The Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism ordered a survey of erratic hygiene conditions in a five-star hotel after the video was secretly filmed, showing cleaning staff in luxury rooms from international chains using the same cloth to clean toilets. glass and basin.

In its announcement, the ministry stressed that he was very concerned about this outbreak in major hotels and that he had ordered local cultural and tourism authorities in Shanghai, Beijing and Fujian, Giangzhi and Guizhou provinces to conduct investigations.

Cleaning staff in some luxury hotels "caught" through rooms mounted cameras, cleaning cups, sinks and mirrors using dirty screens, towels and sponges, causing public anger and anxiety.

Most registered hotels belong to large international chains. Among them are Conrad Beijing, Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc., Waldorf Astoria, Sheraton Marriott International Inc., Le Royal Meridien Shanghai, Ritz Carlton, Shangri-La Hotel Fuzhou. Some apologize.

The Shanghai city tourism agency announced that an investigation was underway and would support the authorities when imposing severe penalties on hotels whose mistakes could be found. The Beijing City Development Board invited the directors of the four hotels involved for an explanation. The capital's health authorities began collecting samples from hotel facilities to check and promise the results of the audit that will be released soon.

Similar investigations are underway in Fujai and Guiyang, the capital of Fujian and Guizhou provinces, respectively. Local governments have been asked to improve the supervision and quality control of tourism services. The Ministry has pledged to overcome strict behavior that has a serious impact on the quality of tourism services.

The twelve-minute video was posted Wednesday, a Huazong, a celebrity on the internet with 322,000 followers on Weibo, Twitter China. Huazong said he videotaped during his stay in luxury hotels recently and was disappointed when he realized it was customary for staff to use dirty towels to clean cups.

This video has sparked and controversy on the Internet, with some claiming that cleaners are not paid enough to work in some of the world's most expensive hotels. "Fortunately, I don't need to pay to stay at these hotels," commented one user.


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