Saturday , July 24 2021

Thessaloniki: Episodes and Chemicals on the Gavroglou show (photo


Collected outside of the Lyceum of Sykeon trying to break the barrier and police officers respond with chemical interference and the gauntlet


The episode breaks out on Sunday morning outside the Second Lyceum Sykeon, in Thessaloniki, where an event will take place where Minister of Education Kostas Gavroglou will attend.

It all started when around 50 people, Club and student club members, teachers and parents, who are on Jalan Rossa Imvriotis, try to approach the school and enter the event to ask questions to the Minister.

However, at this point there is a series of MAT strengths. Poets tried to break the barrier and the police responded with chemicals and glitter grenades.

Meanwhile, 20 members of the Macedonia Struggle Committee from Thessaloniki have gathered a little further and held the crying Greek flag for Macedonia and against the minister and the government.

The MAT clown has blocked a crowd of about 100 feet below the school while the platoon is in hand.

Reminded that Mr. Gavroglou is scheduled to attend an informative event, at 6pm, about changing the entrance examination system for higher education.


Thessaloniki: Episodes and Chemicals at the Gavroglou event (photo – video)
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