Saturday , July 24 2021

The school is closed in Florina, Grevena, Kozani

Because of the snow and bad weather

In Greece, many Greek regions are on the white line. One of these areas is Florina, where all schools will be closed today, following a decision by the Municipality, because of the snow and bad weather in the city.

For safety reasons from snow and low temperatures but also because, based on information, many schools face major problems, schools will remain closed on Monday.

With the decision of Mayor Grevena, George Dastamani, on Monday, November 19, the Primary and Secondary Schools of the Municipality will not operate because of the snowfall and bad weather conditions that occur in the area.

Also, due to snowfall, schools in Tsotyli and Pentalofos from EE will not function. Kozani followed the announcement of mayor Vio Dimitris Lambropoulos.

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