Thursday , June 24 2021

The return of 262 million to shareholders is guaranteed

Greece's good performance in OTE's financial results in the third quarter was highlighted by the group's head Michael Tsamaz during a videoconference with analysts. Mr. Tsamaz emphasized that group development was based on broadband connection, continuing good performance at cellular especially through data transmission and also cost management which supports EBITDA.

OTE Chairman and CEO stressed that the aim of returning to shareholders was around € 260 million for 2018 & # 39; Safe & # 39;. For 2018, it is estimated that OTE will return to its shareholders around EUR 262 million, EUR 171 million of which is through dividends. The remaining € 91 million is related to the purchase of shares. From April to November 6, OTE acquired 8,681,246 shares against 91 million euros and on that date had a total of 10,001,356 shares of a total value of 105.8 million.

Mr. Tsamaz also refers to new services that Cosmote started to provide through the internet, such as insurance contract and h new online ordering service which operates through "11888 Giaola".

Third-quarter revenue on telephones continued to grow 2.6% compared to the same quarter last year, reaching 233 million, while cellphones fell 0.7% to € 257 million.

In the fixed telephone market, the Agency maintains a 56% share with a 0.5% increase in customers compared to September 2017. An interesting fact is that in the last two quarters of 2018 there was a decrease in fixed connection connections. In the second quarter connection grew by 1,000 and in the third quarter 7,000.

A broadband connection is going up

On broadband, OTE's share reached 48% at the end of September. 70% of fixed line customers from organizations now have broadband connections (82% of the total Greek market). The group obtained 25,000 broadband customers in the third quarter, compared to only 3,000, which increased its customer base. Fastband broadband customers (VDSL / Vectoring) are increasing almost 55.1% compared to the end of September 2017 and reached 483,000. Today they reach 26% of the group broadband subscription base.

At the end of September, around 13,000 VDSL / Vectoring taxis were operating, with the administration asserting that subscriptions for services offering speeds of 100 to 200 Mbps increased and reached around 3% of the broadband subscription base. The coverage of the FTTC network (based on Vectoring) reached 62% at the end of September, targeting 74% by the end of 2019.

Cosmote TV increased by around 8,000 customers in the third quarter of this year to 534,000, resulting in a negative reversal from the second quarter, when it lost around 2,000 customers. On an annual basis, Cosmote TV customers showed an increase of around 3.3%.

On Greek cellular phones, data transmission revenues continue to decline historically. In the third quarter, they amounted to 81 million euros and accounted for 31% of total revenue from cellular telephone services. The average data usage per customer with data services reached 2.4 GB in the third quarter from 1.8 GB in the previous quarter.

Most important is OTE management of the constant increase in Cosmote users (reaching 2.1 million in the third quarter from 1.4 million at the end of September 2017), which allows customers to improve their services and reduce costs. Today, about 56% of active customers of Cosmote have applications.

However, the picture is not pleasant Romania with a decrease in fixed telephone and cellphone revenues in the third quarter compared to the previous quarter 2018. In Albania, with Telekom Albania in the process of selling, adjusted EBITDA rose to 3 million with revenues remaining at 17 million EUR for the third quarter. Enterprise customers continued to decline and at the end of September they reached 1,791,000, with the administration claiming that the restrictions were related to cleaning inactive users.

In the third quarter of this year, OTE invested EUR 150 million, compared with 169 million in the second quarter and 167 million in the first quarter, with the government affirming that the annual target of EUR 700 million would be achieved mainly for the development of the New Quarter. Generation in Greece.

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